Whom do ISIS flag hoisters serve |Saif Ali

Whom do ISIS flag hoisters serve |Saif Ali

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by Saif Ali


The beginning of the second decade of 21st century has reluctantly changed many pages of different chapters of modern age from scientific development to human genocide, grand scientists remained busy in proving what’s true and what’s false? On the other hand some are still busy in proving who is right and who is wrong? Who is good and who is bad? Then who is Muslim and who is infidel? Etc.

In accordance with the same the filth smell started to spread swiftly from Iraq and Syria and openly became known to whole world within no time, named as ISIS so called (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). The image of this Terrorist group is surely being well understood by majority of the Muslims by their aims & objectives. Since its motives have been open to all started from Iraq and Syria.

In the beginning of the 2014 ISIS was talk of the town of every country for their presence; rising to number of foreign European countries. After its deadliest and heinous crimes in many countries besides Iraq and Syria. Likewise Massacres, Suicide attacks, Rapes and human trafficking were the major ones. That surprisingly shocked the whole world and humanity at sudden. Every individual was in suspicion in one way or the other. One group opposed, another supported. One group claimed its links with America another claimed their religious links with it. One group linked them to Islam from Islam. Another rejected its links to Islam from Islam. One did link them to America and Israel another linked them to other countries. However people started to blame one another especially Muslims on the same crimes witnessed in Iraq and Syria. At the same time the real founders (America and Israel) enjoying their successive tactics working better for them. Most of the people are labeling it an Islamic Insurgent and terrorist group. But this is not so, this group is not Islamic but has been masked Islam image to defame the real image of Islam.


Now let’s ask some questions to ourselves and find out their answers on our own.

Does ISIS really belong to Islam? Or we are compelled to label it with Islam. How far does this Terrorist group (ISIS) resemble with the ideology of Islam? How far this group (ISIS) resemble with lessons of Holly Quran? How much does it benefit the realm of Islam? How much does it harm the realm of Islam? Being a human and an individual of humanity. I urge you to be relax for a while and try to figure our the answers of the same questions. Whether we are to follow the resemblance or differences? Whether we are to follow beneficial ways or harmful ideologies? Let me tentatively remind you the religion of ISIS.

• ISIS kidnapped and killed thousands of people ruthlessly.

• Raped thousands of poor women and murdered them in the name of sex jihad (Jihaad-ul-Zina).

• They have destroyed many old Masques, Churches and ancient places.

• They burnt their own soldiers in cages, for disclosing their identity.

• Their usual targeting point was religious cites, especially Masques through suicide attacks.

Now compare all these heinous crimes of ISIS with the Islamic ideology, Holly Quran and Hadith and decide yourself whom to follow and whom not? In fact majority of the globally population do not want the religion that may hurt human and humanity in one way or the other. And certainly, Islam nowhere allows the Muslims to perform such actions that may hurt the human and the humanity. Islam is the religion of peace, justice and truth. Almighty Allah bestowed us Holly Quran for guidance but we have limited it to memorization and recitation only. Prayers, Fasts and Qur’anic recitation can not make a man perfect Muslim or human. But it is the sympathy, love and affection and other selflessness.

Let me quote a famous Urdu couplet

درد لد ےک ےطساو ادیپ ایک ناسنا وک

ہنرو تعاط ےک ےیل ھچک مک ہن ےھت رک و ںایب

Therefore how far do you think. This terrorist group sympathizes, the humanity with bombs, murders, rapes and destruction of major religious places.

Alas! Still I receive the answer from many Muslims with, Yes.


I really wonder under which justification has ISIS done such crimes. And I wonder what justification do some Indian paid agents hoist the flags of this Terrorist organization in Kashmir. I wonder what kind of literature this ISIS and their followers rely on and what kind of inspiration some Indian paid agents get from this Terrorist organization.

No, I don’t wonder more now, as this terrorist organization was surely created by Israel and America and supported by many other countries including India. To create the same chaos and discord among Muslims and defame the name of Islam in front of Non-Muslims. And undoubtedly proved before years. And such crimes can only be committed by these countries, examples are the atomic bombs on Hiroshima_Nagasaki, Gaza airstrikes, Israeli blockade and missile strikes on Palestinian people.

Shall we expect humanistic actions from such terrorists, off course not. But I feel ashamed to watch some well qualified and well educated boys and girls being misused by some Indian paid agencies trying to be active in Kashmir to harm the Kashmir Movement and divert the attention of people from Kashmir Freedom Movement by creating discord among the Muslims in Kashmir.


Although some Indian agencies are toiling hard to color the Kashmir Movement with terrorism and other (isms). But on the other side. All the leading religious and Huriyat Leaders have been condemning these shameful activities in the valley from the very beginning. And always try to revert the diverted people. The latest of these include the speech of newly chosen Chief of Huriyat Mohammad Ashraf Sehrai

“ISIS and Al-Qaeda have nothing to do with our Movement and we will never accept them. Some youth are influenced by ISIS ideology, but I appeal them not to go to extremes, and read Islamic books, The Holly Quran and Hadith. Thus those hoisting ISIS flags strengthening the roots of occupation in Kashmir. We have close watch on those who Hoist ISIS flags and will be treated strictly ”Said Sehrai.

The youth inspired by ISIS have very good excuse on the tip of the tongue. “We raise ISIS flag because it has (Kalimah Towheed) written on it. We have nothing to do with ISIS. We follow (Kalimah Towheed) not ISIS. But let me tell you we embrace your love for (Towheed) and may Allah risen your love more for (Towheed).

But have you ever thought whom do you benefit by raising these flags in Kashmir valley. I salute your love and affection for (Towheed). But currently your love and affection is being misused and hijacked. Have you ever tried to know? What flag stands for? Which flag is assigned to which ideology and group. A flag is itself a sign and representation. The colors, fonts, and structure and the signs are unique representation. A flag is the sign that differs one group from other, one organization from other. Even if your activities don’t resemble but raising flags represent you from them.

The name, structure and color were wisely and knowingly chosen to defame the name of Islam with its own flag by its own people inside its own land. The result of which is best known to all especially in Kashmir.

Before 2014 there was no sign of this flag in the world, I don’t mean the words or characters but the font, color and structure. Since it rose in 2014 everyone came to know this Terrorist group with this flag. Therefore raising this flag after their heinous crimes in Iraq and Syria. Became the representation of this specific this Terrorist group specifically. It does not represent (Kalimah Towheed) now but terrorism. Raising this flag now does not represent your love towards (Towheed) now, but towards ISIS.

If you really love (Kalimah Towheed) at least you can change color, font and structure. As similar flag means similar ideology, similar motive and similar activities. Means if you are similar in flag then you are similar in ideology, motive and activities. And the activities of ISIS has already been highlighted.

I accept practically ISIS is nowhere seen in Kashmir, but have seen thousands of followers of this hidden flag activity. As some anonymous social media users are playing active role in support of

them in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Encouraged, appreciated and blessed by many people simultaneously.

At the at we shall conclude here on pledging not to let the enemy to war as from backdoors during our deep slumber. And we will not do any action that may harm the movement in one way or the other.

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