US-Taliban Chit Chat

US-Taliban Chit Chat

Everything was going nice and smooth, out of nowhere, The Chosen One, President Donald John Trump had a feeling of getting betrayed while eating a burger in the afternoon. US President also announced that he will carry out such actions against the Taliban like no one ever did in the past.

I just wanna know, Why? Why did you carry out such dramas? What was that all about? When will it end? Afghanistan is in state of war for the last 19 straight years. Everyone was thinking of the solution for real but Dr. Shahid Masood was right. He mentioned thousand of times that he is not looking at any peace in Afghanistan. Although he did wish for.

Now, this is for sure that, American deep state is not willing to leave Afghanistan at any cost. Donald Trump got betrayed, again. Every president promises the US nation that he will bring back all of the American troops from Afghanistan but no one ever succeeded. Every President offers some kind of drugs to his nation and his supporter always accepts that.

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There was a time when the US and Taliban were playing so goody goody, out of nowhere they turn against each other. But now what? What is the solution for Afghanistan? No one knows the solution but the future is quite predictable.

Afghan Future

One thing is for sure, I’m looking at massive bloodshed on to the roads in Afghanistan. That’s not my wish, that’s becoming a reality. Saturday, 28 September is a date when Afghanistan going to elect the new US dummy on their selves. Due to the no peace deal, now the Taliban will not be a part of elections. Right now, the biggest challenge for the Taliban would be to delay the elections or you can say cancel the elections. If they succeeded in this, it will be a big win for them.

But what if Afghanistan’s election does take place in time? According to Dr. Shahid Masood, the Afghan Taliban are thinking to declare their own state/government and start the proper war for taking Kabul in control. Will the United States bear all of this? If the US is still living in the fantasy that she has a solution of Afghanistan with a force so it’s nothing more then a …….

If the US is not in a goody goody mood so not even Taliban’s are. You’ll just forget the US has Nuclear weapons and hydro weapons. Taliban will beat the hell out from the US. Taliban is not the only thread now, what you’ll do of ISIS?

Emerging ISIS

How will you fight your puppets without having the Taliban on your side? Now don’t tell anyone you have the capability of dealing both parties in a one go. If you were enough capable of doing so, then you would have ended the Afghan War in two or three years. Your soldiers pay to the Taliban for not to shoot, check out the suicide attempts of US soldiers in Afghanistan. All you are doing to keep your so-called chaudharahat in the region.

How did ISIS come to Afghanistan? How do they still get enough power left to place their footsteps after been brutally killed by Hizbollah, Iran, Syria, and Russia in Meddle East? I just want to know how could the US declare herself as champion? From where did they got billions of dollars? I just want to know how?

Who was bringing them to Afghanistan via helicopters? Who gave them a safe exit from Syria and Iraq? Now, who is giving them all kinds of training and economical support? What ISIS will target now after defaming Islam’s major beliefs like “Khilafat” and “Jihad”? They brutalized whole Islam by the way but what’s next? Ghazwa e Hind? Everyone needs to know the answers to all these questions.

Have you recently saw the pictures and videos ISIS published? They were killing the Taliban’s Commander. Now, where will the whole world will stand if both of these group clashes? While Afghanistan will be in problem. Whom will US support then? Taliban? On whom the US doesn’t trust. ISIS? Will you fight against your own puppets?

Another International Battlefield

Just like Syria and Iraq, Afghanistan is going to be an international battlefield. A few days earlier, the Afghan Taliban’s delegation met the secretary of Russian President Putin and after that, they flew to Iran. If tensions break out, I’m looking at Russia, Iran, and Hizbollah fighting side by side with the Afghan Taliban against ISIS.

On the other side, you can not compromise the role of other great players in Asia, Pakistan, and China. If this 6+ alliance able to defeat ISIS in Afghanistan, I just want to know where will the US stand? How long will the US be the face of disrespect and shamelessness for human civilization?

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