2016-2017 change represents the new year 2017, three-dimensional rendering, 3D illustration



2016 was a very bad year for the peace and stability of the world and specially for Middle East. We saw the major attacks of terrorism around the world. Thousand of people killed in Paris and Istanbul. We saw a big bomb blast in Lahore. Terrorism went to the western states. And although all the humans lives in Western states not any one in Middle East because no one care. ISIS killed thousand of species in Syria and Iraq but no one noticed but when it get the Europe and West everyone started crying. What was all that? In 2016 we saw the Aleppo freed from the ISIS by the Syrian Army, Russian Army, Iranian Army and Hezbollah. After which everyone started to campaign about Aleppo rights where rehabilitation process is been carried out.

In  This year we saw the American election where Donald J Trump won by a huge lead in electoral college. CIA claims that Russia hacked the system and help Trump to win. That’s why Obama administration carried more sanctions on Russia and deported Russian embassy staff. After all that Trump gonna take charge on Jan 20, 2017. 2016 was the year of Brexit. England getting out of European Union. Which also indicate that next era coming will be of Nationalist, you have the most suitable examples, Trump, Modi and Brexit.

Russia also showed her presence on to world politics by getting into Syrian war. Russia played its role in Middle East by the side by side of Iran, Syria and Hezbollah. First time ever in the history we saw the joint exercise of Pakistan and Russia. We enhanced our relationships. And now Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan all gonna sit in moscow and decide the future of Afghanistan. This all shows that world is now getting on multi polar world, uni polar world era is getting over. 2016 was a balanced year for Iran. Iran got successed by signing the Nuclear deal with US but both parties failed to move along with. KSA didn’t played well in 2016. Saudi Arabia totally got failed in Economy by getting into Yemen and hanging BAqir al Nimr. Both made KSA much controversial but what could we expect KSA is not the democratic republic.

Iraq went totally out of control from government. Same to Syria and Yemen. The fact of the matter is that you can’t be the good ruler or governor if you don’t respect the acceptable will of public. More than 230 times we saw the violation of ceasefire and the LOC by indian army. We saw the major genocide  Kashmiris by indian after the death of Burhan Wani.

That was 2016 and now it’s gone to dust which also teach us the lesson of death. The sun of 2017 raised, What will be 2017 ? how will it be like? Its hard to predict but we gonna analyse on the facts based on 2016.


2017 will be a hard year coming for the whole world. On the lighter note i just want to tell we are living at that age of our universe where things are getting to sum up and i believe that this year also be very hard on us naturally. We gonna witness more earthquakes and global warming. The world might see many war between unipolar power and multi polar powers, Whether it’s the war of arms, economy, water or war on supremacist. At this very moment if we calculate the total weapons world have right now, we can destroy our world thousand times. I personally do not support the Nuclear weapons and the overload daily usage of technology which is been used against us rather than helping us. But if you need to protect yourself and there is not any other source with enhancing Nuclear tec, do it as you can. Because if you are living in jungle you need to protect yourself whether from a sword or AK-47.


We saw the election in US after which Trump emerge victorious by beating Hillary Clinton in General election. It was the major upset to Hillary Clinton and her party. Donald Trump gonna take charge on 20 jan this year. As i said in my other article that He made a huge promises to the public of his land, he gonna “Change” the US and clean all the shits done by his ancestors. He also said that no ” Iran deal” anymore, on the other hand he also promising for a

friendship hand with Russia and much more. The fact is that Barack Obama also raised the slogan of Change when he was running against John McCain. Why American voted for Obama? Due to change and nothing more. Now same as Trump, people vote to trump just for the name of change but will he be able to? It is true without any doubt that Establishment is the one who runs the America not the faces with comes after every 4 years and so. Establishment is the real brain behind every face living in White House. If you are thinking that policies changes after every face… so you are wrong, completely wrong. The man who ever wanna get his will in act whether its right, he got killed example John F. Kennedy 35th and youngest president of US. If you are Thinking that Donald Trump will bring up change in American policies, you are thinking wrong. In America, Politics & policies moves step by step. Trump will Continue from where Bush and Obama Left. As far as the Cabinet concern he did filled his cabinet by some of his old friends and some of his old military personals. One thing is for sure that Trump and NS both are on the same page because both are filling their cabinet by the undeserved personals specially the man who gonna be the Foreign Minister of Trump administration.

In American history, first time a businessman, a business tycoon is been elected as the President. It is due to the the new war where Americans gone so back and Chines are ruling right now, which is known as Economic war.America will try to open a new front on economy and against China. Now in this era of DT, America will focus on economy of there country. Every American know right now that they are not the right road as respect of economy. Plenty of money is been spend on the unfruitful war in Afghanistan. I still don’t know why did they get on such a mess. They rightly had the example of Russia. I believe that America might leave Afghanistan because they don’t have anymore option left. If America stays in Afghanistan i’m not watching America to survive till 2030. As DT said in election campaign that America is losing it’s economy department by the ” So called war on terror”. Trump also said that America is been hit hard by the security of his allies whether it is a Muslim countries or Israel, Trump also said that every country who wants US security he has to pay also Israel. On Economic front he has a biggest challenger “China”. DT will try his best to contain China like US did with Iran. The only way to contain China is to pressurize Pakistan. Yes, Pakistan is the only state in the world right now which is giving China a way to the hot water. Trump will definitely try to sabotage the Gawadar. For this purpose Only country will help US is non other then India. India will surely take a responsibility on her shoulders.

Future of Middle Eastis also discussed a lot after DT won the race for the White House. It is hard to predict the future of middle East. As far as Israel and Turkey both are getting stronger in region. Turkey might get a hold on Kurd’s Freedom moment. DT might deport Fateh Ullah Gollan straight from the moment when he control the office. If Trump did, Tayyip Erdogan will get stronger in Turkey. Syria and ISIS is also a problem for Middle East, Not for Israel but it is for Iran, Turkey and now for KSA. There are two possibilities which also have 50-50% chances. DT said and if the establishment of US also think that US gonna join the hand Mr. Putin and Russia, then there are two major possibilities take place. One is that US get on Russian side and then we might see a peace in middle east and a serious action against ISIS and a totally peace in Middle East. If US really get to Russian side then we might see the best relations between Iran and US from the Iranian revolution. On the other side if Russia gone to American side then we might see the different wars at the same time. Totally destroyed Syria and Iraq, US might invade in KSA or Iran. But i still think that America will invade in KSA or Iran. If you are thinking that’s not possible, it is you have an example of Iraq. They completely destroyed Iraq and after so many years Tony Blair is excusing to the world about what he and US did in Iraq. Tony Blair also called it ” a big mistake”, honestly do you believe that? Mission to Iraq was a totally succeed plan. America and its allies did won in Iraq. Iraq is now a totally failed stated that what you want right just to protect the most criminal state world has ever seen named as Israel.


Middle East is in the land in fire right now. Everyone has have its interest there whether its Israel and KSA side by side or Iran and Russia for there interest in Middle East. Yemen is totally got overloaded by the KSA bombing. Syria is like living again now after the Aleppo got freed from ISIS and AL-NUSRA front. But after that the extremist block the water canal going to Aleppo, and now people are suffering from lack of water. Syria is not yet totally freed now by the ISIS and the rebels groups which are supported by the Americans.

Iraq also got little bit stabilized. ISIS still hold the strong hold on Mosul and other places like that. I believe soon with in the next 2 or 3 months Mosul will also be freed by the hands of ISIS or ISIL. New government is formed there a republican government is formed by the hands of the public. At some point there are still little bit of differences between their army and government. But Iraq is lots more in batter position as compare to Syria.

Israel is most criminal state of the world. All the world is suffering right now is due to this Conventions adjective. The most terrorist supporting state of the world. After which India falls. I’m watching Israel getting more in power and having more support by the cowardly nationalist American nation. And i think that this might be the year of greater Israel if its not it might be till 2020. You can bet me on this anytime anywhere. Hezbollah is a terrorist organization. why? Just due to they are acting terrorism against the world terrorist organization hub which is known as Israel. Tell me one last thing why did ISIS not ever ever attacked Israel? Although they got medically support from Israel. And i also believe that after India’s ” Hazwa e Hind” we gonna get against the Israeli.

Iran and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are fighting for the charge of Policeman ship in region. Everybody know that Saudi Family is not eligible for the rule over the holy land known as Arabia. But it is the sign of Last hour. I cannot say anything on Iran and KSA both are angels and they both can’t do anything wrong. Despite of the fact that KSA is the terror supporting state in the region. KSA support the instability of Iraq and Syria by the Israel on its side. If Iran able to put a strong hold on Iraq and Syria which is not possible at any cost. Then we might see the freedom and the revolutionary moments in KSA. Iran is playing very well in region but her biggest allies in region, Russia, can turn the back on it. Iran should be careful on that. But i also think it will not happened as the Islamic point of view. Russia will be at the side of Muslim against Jews and her allies in Armageddon.


Russia and China both are the two sides of a single coin. They have equal weight and equal line and length on the world issues and problem. They both think same in policies and in business. China and Russia have same military policies economy policies. She want to become the Business tycoon which it already is. It doing its great on CPEC. If it got completed China will be world economy super power. on the other hand Russia also getting close to other countries. Financially and Economically as well as strategically. Russia wants herself back as world superpower and Russia doing it quite well.

In 2017 America will open her front against China. The only way for doing that America has to get passed Pakistan. As China said that “Pakistan is our Israel.”  As for targeting Pakistan the only state waiting for this opportunity is not other than India. And i do think that after trump gets in office Indian and American relations will get strong. India deeming from day first that somehow she became the regional police man. for that India has the enemy waiting Pakistan and China. If CPEC got completed we might see the new China, the powerful China and A good Pakistan.

Russia need some more opportunities to get in world politics more physically. Afghanistan requested Russia to help them by getting them stabilized and Russia also very much busy in Syria. If  Russia got able to put a strong hold in Afghanistan then we might go for another world war.


Afghanistan will also be the center of origin for 2017. Pakistan always wanted a peaceful Afghanistan. But every time we got kicked on face whenever we try something best for Afghanistan. India playing its proxies in Afghanistan against Pakistan. She is also speaking same like India against Pakistan. but Afghanistan need to realized that Pakistan is her neighbor not India. Pakistan always wants a peaceful relationship with her neighbors. And i believe that Afghanistan will get batter because if she didn’t there no future for Afghanistan on to the map of world. And i think Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran will get something hopeful for Afghanistan after they get together in Moscow. How can Pakistan wants the unstable Afghanistan, for the stability in Pakistan we do need a stability in Afghanistan.


India is so called “the world biggest democracy”, which always act as new born baby on to the front against Pakistan. India should grow up its not the time blah blah right now and India should end her fairy Tail story that she gonna destroy Pakistan and blah blah. Everyone know that its not that much easy or i had to say its not possible. Because if it was then today there wasn’t any Pakistan no on the surface of the world, you should done this long time ago. Now its a request please grow up. As far as India in 2017 we gonna see new height in Khalistan moment and in Kashmir moment. India will not need Pakistan to kick her face and chopped her in to pieces if they caries the same policies in 2017 which they did in 2016.


In 2016 Pakistan was a batter state than others. Pakistan took completely over terrorism and erase all the Terrorism. Pakistan did its very best on borders specially with Afghan side. We try to took completely control over border management and we done it right. 2017 will be the hopeful year of Pakistan and we gonna see much batter performance in every way of life. One thing for sure is that Pakistan did its very best to not to go in Yemen war and in Syria. We eliminated terrorism from Pakistan. coming years are very hopeful for Pakistan and India should show some maturity.

Time will decide when, why and for what reason it all going to take place.

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