Palwama Drama

Palwama Drama

It all started on February of 14, when everyone was busy with their so called valentines (by the way i’m not a supporter of valentines day) and out of no where a suicide bomber hit Indian Army convoy of vehicles. According to reports 41 Indian soldiers got killed. This incident took placed in Palwama district of Jumu and Kashmir.

Within twenty or twenty-five minutes, Indian media did a rapid investigation and successfully concluded Pakistan behind this massive brutality. I personally think that Indian anchors should join R&AW to enhance it’s capability. No one can investigate with that speed by which Indian media did. They knew after smelling from place of incident that person behind this attack was that man who died in Lal Majid’s operation. Yup he came out from his grave to unleash one final Jihad attempt.

One thing should be clear that no one is making fun of the causalities, which happened in Palwama. But the way Indian media took that incident and they broadcast it against Pakistan that was really disgusting. No one wants war except Indian media. They tried their level best to make India or Pakistan go with a war against each other but thanks to Allah Almighty everything is under control as far as now. Whole Indian public were begging for peace and stability in the region.

There isn’t any fault of Indian media and Indian news anchors in particular behind the fantasies of the War and stability. Whole radical mind set of hindus is behind that, with due respect. And the face of that radicalism is non other than Indian Prime Minister Modi. Modi is using the blood of his soldiers for next elections, which is the most shameful act. Modi had made fun of India in all over the world. I didn’t saw any dumped personality like Modi. I’m really impressed and amazed by such a shamelessness. Indians do not need Pakistan to make their pieces, Modi can do this in quite a better way. Trust me, Modi “is” doing this.

You need to trust me, promoting radicalism, promoting extremism can never, never ever, be the part of any problem. This extremism and radicalism which we see in India today will definitely harm India itself. Those extremist will never been able to harm Pakistan at any cost, what they’ll do, they will promote lack of acceptance within there own country. Indian intellectuals needs to come out and should play there role in this. If they didn’t, India will be the state like, state of ISIS. Waisay there isn’t any difference between ISIS and RSS.

Getting back to the Palwama, situation of Pakistan and India got lot more worst when Indian Prime Minister tried to did little bit of adventure. Just for elections Modi made Indian Air Force to violate LOC on February 27. Aur agay say Air Force bhi koi dakhay they came and went back just by offloading the payload. This was the pure eco-terrorism. Indian jet killed our round about 15 trees which we are planting at pretty high cost. This is true act of shamelessness. After this flop drama we came to knew from Indian media that IAF successfully targeted the camps of Jaesh e Muhammad. Who are Jaesh e Muhammad? Jaesh e Muhammad is so called organization which was behind Palwama attack. Come on yar, Indian army has three to five layers of defense at LOC, how came a terrorist can get a car with full of 300 kg of explosive across border? That’s not all, how can he not be able to identify as a suspicious across thousands of check posts?

Acha tou phir, Pakistan military spokesperson gave a press briefing and he made it clear that “Pakistan will give response to this aggression, now wait for our surprise”. So the next day on Feb 27, Pakistan targeted 6 points in Indian Occupied Kashmir. Those were non populated areas, Pakistan made it sure that there should not be any causalities in retaliation. Pakistan showed itself as a responsible state. After Pakistan targeted 6 points in IOK, Indian jets followed Pakistani jets, and in response, Pakistan successfully shoot down two Indian jets. One of them felt in Azad Kashmir of Pakistan and second in Indian occupied Kashmir. Pakistan also arrested Indian Pilot, Wing Commander Abhinandan.

After arresting Abhinandan, ISPR released the video in which he was taking tea and admiring Pakistan and Pakistani Army. When he was arrested in Pakistan, Indian media which investigated, within the blink of an eye, that Pakistan was involved in Palwama attack, exact same Indian media took almost half a day to find the location of Abhinandan. They were chanting all around that wing commander is missing since morning. wow.

While addressing the joint session of Parliament, Prime Minister Khan said ” Indian pilot is in our custody, we are releasing him as a peace gesture”. That was the moment when Pakistan gave another surprise to India. Pakistan released Indian pilot on March 2, and what did we had from Indian media? Nothing more than the piles of shits. We also didn’t expected anything well from India in reply, we know their characters. So we are giving their pilot back in 2 days and India gave Sipahi Maqbool back after 40 years. There were not any so called Geneva Conventions at that time, because India wasn’t a Muslim state.

Mr. Abhinandan also showed us the mental strength of Indian army men. This is your army? Barkayn tou asiay martay hain jaisay Pakistanio ko kacha kha jayn gaye. He can’t even had a courage to talk with confidence. One cup of tea made him to admire Pakistani army and Pakistan. If we had given him Karachi ki baryani, tou is nay kalma parh layna tha. If he stayed in Pakistan little longer i was thinking that he might even joined Pakistan Air Force. India and Indian media needs to grow up for God sake.

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