India’s Kashmir Game With The Partnership Of US

India’s Kashmir Game With The Partnership Of US

There is a lot of things of going on right now, but we will discuss one by one. As we know the world discussion totally gone change after the blander of India’s every own prime minister “Chai Wala”. No one known what he was thinking to achieve from the blunder he did on Kashmir. This matter was down to dust, what Modi did is, he took it, wipe the face of Kashmir Issue and show cased to everyone.

One think is for sure that India can not do such thing on its own, India must have involved some other players in this mess. Game is going straight as far as now. It is obvious that United States and India along with dummy Israel has joined hands for the mess in Kashmir.

I think that Trump, the chosen one, had a slip of tongue while his media talk along with PM Khan. As it was already planned, the think he wanted to offer few weeks letter, Trump showed his greatness by spelling it out early.

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Now, almost every country took their side. Fortunately, India has a support of number of countries due to their economical interests. On the other side, Pakistan is only backed by China, Russia, Turkey, Malaysia and not the least Iran.

US is thinking of black mailing Pakistan by the economical means such as FATF, IMF and blah blah. You have noticed that, the moment when Indian government did this blander US officials visited Pakistan and tried to blackmailed as far as they could over economical grounds. They indirectly ordered Pakistan to stay within the barracks against India.

US did offered mediation, did you remembered? They just offered, they will do mediation if the war breaks out. Not in favor of Pakistan, but in favor of India. The moment when India will do false flag operation and when Pakistan will respond, then the Chosen One will fly straight form US and will mediate by saying, “Stay goody goody, you both are nuclear power and Pakistan India should declare LOC as international border.”

After that, as US always does he will bring her forces in Kashmir to guard China’s and Pakistan’s interest in regions. Those are just plans, Pakistan is not a sleeping dog.

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