Indian Intentions on Kashmir

Indian Intentions on Kashmir

It was 8:49 PM, Aug 4 I was talking to my friend from Kashmir for the last time till now. It’s now Aug 17, I have no contact with any of my Muslim friends out there in Kashmir. We were sharing the news of the curfew and possible constitutional amendment which will take back the special state status from Kashmir.

In short, after a few hours, the Indian government enforced complete curfew in the valley. Internet, TV, and all of the basic facility were taken away from the Kashmir and turned it into the biggest jail. People were locked down in their homes and as far now, according to news people are going short with their food storage.

Background Story of Kashmir

Discussion around the world completely changed, dramatically, after the illegal constitutional amendment in India. It was started by the presidential ordinance that suspended the article 35A and article 370. Both of these articles were believed as the glue between occupied Jammu & Kashmir and India by some of the Muslim of Kashmir which has ties with New Delhi.  

While passing the amendment, the opposition protested against it quite aggressively. Single-handedly BJP’s government passed the resolution with numbers. BJP’s interior minister Amit Shah didn’t stop right there, he said: “We will also take back Pakistani Kashmir […] and we will gift our lives for that.”

One of the government leaders also said that “We hope Modi will also deliver his promises of PoK and Baluchistan as he delivered on Jammu & Kashmir”. Now this is a totally ridiculous act by the leadership of so-called “World Biggest Democracy”

The moment when Indian President signed the presidential ordinance, endless transmissions started all over in the Indian media. Indian media and government were trying to establish the fact that Kashmir issue is solved but the reality is that Kashmir issue is now more complex.

That’s not all, as the opposition took a clear stance against the government illegal move, as per expectation, government and media started demanding their patriotic certificate straight away.

Pakistan’s Response

When all of this was happening in India, rest of the Muslim world was in shock and confused also. I am talking about the general public, not their leaders. Pakistan straight away rejects the Indian move of recognizing Jammu & Kashmir as its own unit. Pakistan FO’s spoke person also reminded everyone that Pakistan never accepted article 35-A and 370 in the first place. Dr. Faisal also believes that this Indian act will not put any harm or cause a problem to the Kashmir Freedom Movement.

Pakistan straightway connected and placed the situation in the notice of the world. Pakistan made contact with the UN and made them clear regarding the stance of Pakistan. Pakistan always wanted the peaceful solution of Kashmir issue under the resolution of the United Nation.

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In response, India came up with the statement “Kashmir is the internal issue of India, the world has nothing to do with that”. Now the question arises, the issue which was known and established as the international issue or, you can say, a bilateral issue between Pakistan and India turned out as the Indian internal issue within few seconds. How?

Kashmiri Leadership

A good thing, even a Quaid e Azam was not able to do that and, Modi did is that he put all of the Kashmiri leadership on the same table. There were two major positions in the Kashmiri leadership. One of them was with New Delhi and others were demanding independence from day one.

Now after this move of Modi’s government, all of the Kashmiri leadership is on the same page. I must appreciate Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah for his endless efforts for the creation of Pakistan. The former chief minister of Indian occupied Kashmir tweeted after the constitutional amendment.

She is not all, Omer Abdullah, Ghulam Nabi Azad and all of the major opposition leader stood government move. Omer Abdullah also announced that he will get in the court for this illegal constitutional amendment.

Now, we should really feel blessed and thanks to the great leader of all time Muhamad Ali Jinnah for giving us a beautiful place to live. InshaAllah, as all Pakistani believes, one day Kashmir will also be free and will become part of Pakistan.

Israeli Model

Israel and India have many things common, but one thing as far as their enemy it is for sure that they are Muslim and Pakistan. Israel and India both are so much done with Pakistan, they wish to swipe Pakistan out form the map of the world by one go. They know that’s not possible.

India is so much inspired by the Israeli model as they did ethnic cleansing in Palestinian Muslims and turned the Muslim majority in the minority. Exactly same India is going to try in Kashmir.

The main idea is to turn the Muslim majority of Muslim living in Indian occupied Kashmir into the minority. Now the question rises who will they do that?

There are a number of possibilities for ethnic cleansing such as

Massive Genocide in Kashmir

According to the current situation, it is quite likely that the Indian Army will go for the straight killing mission. Indian has the license, provided by their government, to kill each and everyone who stands up and go for independence.

Almost a total of 900,000 troops are deployed in Kashmir, they all turned out it into the world biggest jail. People are not allowed to get out of their homes to do anything.

First plan of Modi government is to go for a kill. You’ll see within the next two or three days, the moment when the curfew will be lifted whole Kashmiri national will get out and they will protest quite aggressively. In the reaction of that, the Indian Army will not show any sympathy, they will fire straight.

What will be on the Indian media then? Indian Army killed flah number of terrorist in the valley.

Force Kashmiris To Migrate

Another possible option is to move the rest of Kashmiris after the massive genocide to force them to move towards LOC. After that, they will make them migrate to Pakistan and forcefully leave Kashmir.

This will be a massive massive incident in the history of mankind. People will be made to leave their homeland. On the other side, Pakistan will have to accept them because Pakistan will not have any other choice else than this.

Hindu Settlements In Kashmir

If India is able to perform the genocide and force Kashmiri to move across LOC, next thing will the settlements of Hindus in the Kashmir. And Voices regarding this already starting getting load.

Let me share a message Indian started receiving after the constitutional amendment by government.

Now, this is not a theory, it is going to be practically done. That’s not all, one of the Indian chief minister khattar issued most ridicules statement. I simply don’t want to quote his shameless shit. This is totally disgusting, they don’t have their own respect and think the same for others.

India Is Not Alone

One thing is for sure that India is not alone by doing this, India does not have guts to do so by itself. Those who are thinking and leaving the fool paradise, that India did and doing all of this by its own. Come on, seriously? Israel is with India because both of them have the common enemy which is none other than Pakistan.

During the Indian adventure in Balakot, DG ISPR said it clearly that “India, Israel along with the third state were behind this misadventure”. Israel and Pakistan never backed each other, Pakistan never even recognized Israel.

Some of the so-called liberals were trying to start the ties between Pakistan and Israel but thank Allah they failed. Pakistan cannot recognize Israel, it is against the will of Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Right now Israel is again planning a misadventure against Pakistan with the help of, let me say this, United States of America.

The US was never a friend of Pakistan, I should say this clearly, Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan did a terrible mistake by going with the side of the US. The US always used us for its own interest. They played with us a number of times, right now also, they are playing with us.

Prime Minister Imran Khan recently visited United State and meet US President Donald John Trump. Out of nowhere, how did trump started offering mediation on Kashmir issue? On the other side, our Prime Minister and government were chanting all around that we had everything under our control.

America was never on our side. The plan was to engage Pakistan on Afghanistan side, and India to play the filthy little game. Pakistan was busy on the Afghanistan issue, India hits Pakistan in the back as they always do.

US Playing Hide and Seek in Afghanistan

I think, US really want to make itself clear on Afghanistan. Donald Trump wants to make US forces withdrawal from Afghanistan but on the other side deep state spokesperson, Lindsay Graham does not want that. He is consistently giving statements that US troop should stay in Afghanistan for some more years.

Trump is really confused in this time, he really doesn’t know what the hell is going on. He promised his voter that he will bring back US troops from Afghanistan but his own party men don’t want that.

Pakistan and US were busy in the Afghanistan side, as Trump wanted to bring his troops out from there, exactly at the same time India played her final card on Kashmir. Now there is surely a connection between these two.

Prime Minister Khan was doing banghara after his visit from the US, he was happy for his new role in Afghanistan and out of the sudden, all of the attentions changed. Now, as India did what he was trying to, there are no Afghanistan peace talks, there is not any deal signing ceremony. All of the things got disappear like as they were not there even for the first time.

This is how we got betrayed by United State once again.

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