Climbing Again.

Climbing Again.

The USSR, the world power of 20’s, the ruler of half-continent, continent, the biggest of the world, Russia started seeing downfall the moment when the last president of USSR was elected known as Mikhail Gorbachev. He played a game and started to weaken the economy of Russia slowly and gradually. On the last edge, they suddenly realized that their economy is now no more. There export gone to dust, they started feeling there last. USSR decided to enhance their economic power by developing the good relations through trade and export. USSR doesn’t have any warm water along their sea sides, still, Russia is lacking the proper ports. In order to get access to hot water, in Dec 1979 USSR invaded in Afghanistan.

 When USSR invaded in Afghanistan, tribal personalities in Afghanistan started there own Jahad against soviets union. As American saw the ideal ground against USSR so Americans decided to shake the hands with Pakistan, who was the bad guys day couple of days before American decision. They started to deal with ISI, they imported Saudi’s Wahhabism brand of Islam. They started training the tribals and then they launched those trained Jihadis against soviet. In1992, at the city of Moscow, the flag of USSR was taken off and Russian flag was up above. When USSR was broken into pieces, Americans went back to clubs for victory celebrations and left Pakistan and Afghanistan with that trained jihadis in Afghanistan.

When USSR saw the downfall, the only thing standing, was the United States. No power left in the world against the US after USSR. America was now calling herself the world establishment and the world superpower.  In the meanwhile when USSR was defeated and Russia was the only country left on the world map. Russia tried to gain her economical power back. From 1992 Russia is trying to get back her lost economic power. The moment when 2014 began, some of the Russian thinkers imagined how far its fortunes would fall by year’s end.They concluded that “Russia is entering strategic decline”. They has options for recovery, but yet it shows little sign of exercising them.This year Russia saw setbacks on three main fronts: economics, political and social, and foreign policy.

A severe financial crisis has hit Russia, and next year its economy may slide into a deep and persistent recession. Oil prices have plunged by about two-fifths, and we also know that Russia depends on oil and gas exports for the majority of its state budget. Stock prices relative to earnings are the lowest of any emerging market. Western sanctions in response to aggression in eastern Ukraine have cut off most financing from the West, yet Russians must repay or roll over $150 billion in loans by the end of 2015.

These factors and the temporary detention of a well-known business leader have frightened investors. Further, corruption and state economic interference stifle private initiative, and bloated state enterprises such as Rosneft are subsidized. Without major changes, the economy will not recover in anything like the two years President Vladimir Putin predicted. He offered no strategy for recovery.

We also saw the name of Vladmir Putin in the paper of Panama. When someone asked Putin about his response he said “Panama Papers details are correct but do not implicate me”, Vladimir Putin has said the revelations from the Panama Papers published in the Guardian concerning an old friend of his are true.However, the Russian president went on to say that the files demonstrate no illegal activity on his part. The papers link the cellist Sergei Roldugin to a number of offshore companies with cash flows of up to $2bn.During his annual phone-in with the nation, Putin discussed the documents with an irate caller who asked why he had not sued western media for spreading lies concerning the unprecedented leak of 11.5m files from the database of the world’s fourth-biggest offshore law firm, Mossack Fonseca. In reply he said “However strange it may seem, the information is correct,” he said. “I have the feeling that it was prepared not by journalists but by lawyers, given the way it is presented” he also said in his own “They are just trying to cause confusion, saying that some of my friends are involved in business, and suggesting that some of the money from these offshore accounts finds its way to officials, including the president.”

In Russia, President got the immunity, so we cannot mark any of our statement till the proper investigation are started and see her last. Besides all that Russia did try very hard to stand in economic polls.

After removal of Russia in world politics America came as the Chaudhary of the world and did everything as she wanted to. As the thinking was going according to plan, suddenly the Russian military landed in the Syrian Civil War began in September 2015 after an official request by the Syrian government for military help against rebel and jihadist groups. As the America was thinking to kick Bishar Al-Assad out from Syria as she thinks herself as the human rights champion. US just went shocked when Russia landed in Syria in support of AlAssad.

Russia is developing a good and common relationship with other countries. Russia is now getting out from her barracks, making her allies, getting back in world politics and also will play her more influent roles in the political world. Russia is now making stronger relationships with Iran, China, and Pakistan. We might see the new block coming and been established soon enough.

Afghanistan has been the world problem for more than a decade. In 1979, Afghanistan was invaded by USSR current Russia. Now some of the Afghan tribal are requesting Russia to invade in Afghanistan and score some peace. Pakistan is also an important but silent player of Afghanistan as the neighbor. If Russia and Pakistan alongside with China and Iran get control over Afghanistan I can assure you peace. Russia also wants to be the part of CPEC. This leads to the great future relationships between both countries.

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