Building yourself by lockdown in Kashmir

Building yourself by lockdown in Kashmir

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Kashmir has been the hub of undeniable personal, public, social, political, religious, emotional, educational and professional issues and problems that sow the seeds of thorny bushes as hurdles and barricades that ultimately pinch and scratch the career of the student’s. The growing essence of modernized lifestyle and the need of modern and civilized education puts its greater importance to maintain and balance the student’s career under these severe lockdown crisis. The continuous closure of the educational institutions has lead the system to a major change, or may be disaster as well. 

Most of the parents and guardians desire their children to send outside state or abroad to achieve education in open and unaffected system to build their career with peace and without any outer interference. Knowing the consequences and lost of their children due to continuous closures. This undoubtedly worked for many of the parents and guardians. But simultaneously has been very difficult for most of the people who live a middle class life and can’t afford to send their children to outside state or country to achieve education under peaceful environment to build their career successfully. And the students getting education in the valley have become habitual of this environment. There are students, able to analyze the lost and enough mature to cope with the prevailing circumstances. There are students, who take the lost opportunity to earn and help their family. There are the students who learn while the earn. I address all such categories with few suggestive and recommended approaches while facing and living such barricading and hurdling life.

I put myself into your category that sometimes to grow and to truly change your life yourself under such depressive circumstances, undoubtedly you have to make difficult choices on the gambling table. To thrive and become better first, mentally, emotionally and socially, in times of painful. You get so comfortable being uncomfortable that you settle for less when you really are destined for success with greatness. Don’t let past sufferings or failures define who, what and where you are because your past doesn’t dictate what your future will be. When you make your plan of transformation remember to visualize to see the end goal, the end results of success taking all the prevailing sufferings on the to compromise to struggle. Map out your storybook of triumph under educational and professional disasters.

Whether you start any examination or anything major for your career under these circumstances, being under the sheer shutdown. It is worth achieving means it will take time, discipline, focus, resilience, and determination on your part. You need to be self-reliant and self-dependent during these career crisis. If you quit, you never know what could have been.

“When the unexpected nature of life comes at you full force disease, divorce, death of a loved one and job lost, it will test your faith, but in these difficult times you will see what you are made of when everything changes dramatically.”

You see such crisis will often throw you off balance to the point where you start playing the pity game. Everyone has a right to take a little time to wallow in their grief. But then there will come a time when you will have to stop playing the pity game and start taking cent percent responsibility for your life and choices you have made now. The dreams and goals are your responsibility, so if you are not now, where you want to be in life, don’t continue to blame your parents, teachers, institutions, friends, government, or God. Instead, even on these darkest days, take just a moment to find a bit of happiness and gratitude compromising with these acute crisis to break all the shackles that stop you to balance your time under this situation.

I know what tough conditions you are to face, I am treading with you on the same track. Thus In order to better yourself, and live your best time these days, you must be willing to learn, grow and change. Let go of anyone or anything that doesn’t add to your growth. To continue to have toxic people around life or to continue to engage in negative and self defeating actions or behaviors will put you in the same spot one year from now. It’s difficult for sure, be mindful that in your journey to transform your life now. You will be met with backstabbers, naysayers, those clearly won’t see your vision, and those who will call you crazy for daring to do big these days. Just start to sped the time fearlessly.

How to escape from the depressive time to successfull life?

Are you in quandary, what to lose and what to choose? Don’t make it too difficult. Set a target, bet your courage, get all your veins to push your mind and let it use for all its conscious, sub subconscious and preconscious strength. I don’t guarantee that all may change their twenty or thirty years career or ambition within few months of lockdown. Yet, I believe what we couldn’t do in those twenty or thirty years of educational or professional career can possibly be done within these few lockdown months. Imagine! You are being locked up and served everything on the table. Every basic needs in front of you. After spending sometime, you find it too difficult to live a life an animal in a zoo. Just to eat and sit. Rather you desire to add more things into your life. So you find best means to spend this lockdown to rebuild yourself and mend the heals to look more strong and updated. This can simply, to be wholly and solely focused on the target set. Whether any examination, research or project. You may not get all the resources, materials and necessities for your respective mentioned fields. But you simultaneously need to assure your conscience that better compromise or find the best alternative rather than to spend the whole time in demanding and demonstrating for all your needed things. You need to cope with the situation, to cross all the barricades and break all the shackles to print your foot steps on the way of success during the lockdown crisis.

Therefore being in your category I add here the final thoughts as you continue on with your journey to success, happiness and greatness during these lockdowns. Never let mishaps, mistakes or missed steps derail the dreams of decades. Look when you stumble and fall, you may be bloody and bruised with a few broken bones, but don’t let that stop you. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and then push on toward the finish line.

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Author: Saif Ali

A young gun living in Kashmir, having a hope to see the sun rise of freedom. Freelance Writer/Blogger/ Writer.

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