Role of Media in Good Governance

Role of Media in Good Governance

Media is known as the fourth pillar of the state. The active and vigilant participation of media is essential and most required in a democratic society. It is an important assumption that the Media speaks for the people, represents the interests of the society, and serves as a check on the government.

In this era, the media plays a vital role in the development of moral and character of the nation. Media has the power to build the narrative of the nation. It is also known as the key player in the fifth generation war.

Despite all that, the media can also play a vital role in good governance. Media has its footprints in almost each and every inch of the land. This power can be used to facilitate the government to do even better in the areas where they are lacking most.

Media can use their powers and efforts in pointing out the loops in the governance, else than playing number and time games against their competitors. This process holds the government accountable and transparent. Through this functionalities, the media plays a vital role in good governance.

The participation and understanding of every member of the society are inevitable to the function of any democracy and it is also very vital to ensure good governance. The free and fair media is the single most prerequisites of good governance.

On the other side, a large number of existing media, cannot take up this responsibility because of the market influence on the media industry. In fact, media industry is now been considered as the most fruitful business in the world.

As we are in the fifth generation war, as a public we should also keep our eyes open and should have the capability of deciding between right and wrong.

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