How (Zakat Al Fitr) may play its role during this pandemic virus?

A request call for all Muslims!

As all of you are well aware about the loss done by the pandemic disease globally. It even changed healthy to sick and wealthy to poor. Some, who were donors yesteryear might be donees this time. Some, who helped the needy might be needy this time. Thus the method of identifying the needy during this pandemic might be different from the usual method.

Hence we all need to look around us. To find the people who have been struck with this lockdown. And help them yourself in such a way that you get assured that they received without knowing you being a donor. There are many people badly struck by this lockdown who will never ask for help and support. Knowing its consequences could be worse than this Coronavirus.

Now as the holy month of Ramazan is in the culmination period. People are to focus on the (Zakat Al Fitr) which is obligatory act of worship in Islam. The methods, conditions and rules of collection and distribution are already given. Referenced from Quran and Hadith, clearly elaborated and explained by the grand Islamic jurisprudents in Shia and Sunni schools of thought.

Thus keeping in view the rules & principles recommended by our related schools. We must assure and prefer the needy and deserving around us to be first option.

Although the rules for collection remain static but rules for the distribution are dynamic which timely satisfy the timely needs of the needy. As the common way of distribution is that.
The people after the proper calculation handover the amount to their trustworthy religious cleric and he distributes among the already identified needy and deserving. And many recommend and appreciate this method. As the recipient remains unaware about sender.

But what happens later, have been noticed that many deserving and needy remained unnoticed and helpless. Though this may go beyond the heads of many but the fact is also behind the curtains.

Therefore! this year, all who fall in the senders category need to be very different, practical and analytical. Need to find the best means to benefit our surrounding needy and deserving with complete assurance and authenticity. Without letting them know you.

As there are already many village, district, and state level NGO’S, groups, and committees that have been doing the job voluntarily since the breakdown of the pandemic disease in the state. Thus you can start from your village level trustworthy group or committee to do the job in the respective village. If not from the village then from the district and then state level trustworthy ones. In nutshell to assure the guaranteed help to the needy and deserving. Additionally we must not let that Kupwara man’s case be repeated. From which we should learn many lessons.

See, the behavior and emotions of the people. A man just urged and requested help himself. He was donated millions within ours. But simultaneously see the guts and courage of the person. To use need of the needy during the pandemic. Both the categories need be more civilized, real and truthful. Otherwise, people will be frightened even doing the good deeds and the deserving will prefer death against disgrace.

Don’t get me negative! I am not saying against anyone or pointing out anyone. But just to pinch you factually from the ground. Surely our ways and acts should really differ from the previous. As we intentionally feed pigeons usually but this time sparrows and mynas will join as well. Thus your quantity of food should be more as well.

Thank you
With Regards
Saif Ali Budgami

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