Which VPN are you using?

People in Kashmir are connected with help of (VPN) virus together, reversely people in China are disconnected due to novel Coronavirus. As the virus Coronavirus has engulfed the Wuhan state of China, simultaneously the new technical virus VPN (Virtually Private Network) has engulfed the valley of Kashmir. As the high speed Internet block down continues since 5th of August 2019 in the valley. On the date government of India had scraped Article 35A from the Indian Constitution. Enormous episodes took place in all these months which could enormously be explained in volumes of books rather than articles, stories and reports. One of the scenic and psychological episode is still being played not by the government and administration but by the people of the valley under the drastic internet lockdown. Time is too distant that could diverse us from the episodes to the historical explanations.

I am just hinting towards talk of the town currently; just VPN. As the virus emerged not from China but from the technical friends of modern people of modern world, that we call smartphones. It just started when government of India announced to restore 2g services in January 2020 after six months. Though 2g services were restored district by district with the limited access and limited speed noticing the list of black listed websites and apps. All these more than 300 hundred of websites were not much concerning for the people rather the most concerning point was the access to the social apps like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Whats App, YouTube etc.
Therefore the 2g internet restoration with limited speed and limited access didn’t please the people much. People could have relaxed if all the websites could have been blocked and social media apps could be accessed. Here we go with the virus as means and tool to increase the speed and break the blockades of social media, by installing the VPNs that most of technical experts proved insecure and risky. Many technical experts were busy in persuading the people to avoid using VPNs, on the other hand people were thirstily hankering after these VPN installations.
These VPN prevailing episodes are so pleasing to see, face and act presently in the valley. You could see usually, university and college students while meeting their friends daily greeting one another. But this panorama is totally reverse now a days. Student’s welcome and leaving notes are not greetings and wishes but a small decorated line” Which VPN are you using?”

If you happen to be in Kashmir now a days, and you are traveling in a public bus; take your phone out of the pocket, slide your screen up and down continuously, suddenly you will receive the valuable attention of the youth around with their smartphones in their hands. Some may peep your phone secretly some may ask you directly. “Which VPN are you using?” if you answer with yes be ready for more questions like. “Does it work on Jio or Airtel? What about its speed? Does it demand any technical setting?.
As the trend has been common since the 2g services were restored but government lately in coordination with the major telecommunication companies like Airtel and Jio created firewalls for the telecommunication companies to restrict the VPN access. They spent crores of rupees to create firewalls that may restrict the users to access the blacklisted apps and websites. But this measure didn’t work well as expected in the 5th Generation world. One is blocked another is installed and this process still continues. People have become so much familiar with these VPNs that even an illiterate persons have learned to set these VPN connections smartly.
Be sure! Don’t reply your friend so quickly with in seconds otherwise he will ask you. Which VPN are you using? I was traveling from my home to University I heard this VPN as many times that my ears are still buzzing with the sound VPN.

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