The Pakistani Led Coalition.

The Pakistani Led Coalition.

Mister Donald John Trump visited Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Donald Trump in his election campaign and in KSA is totally different. In his visit he addresses the Muslim nation about the terrorism and its solutions. As we are witnessing that Saudi made the union which is known as Islamic Military Alliance (IMA). Saudi’s official says that it was been made against terrorism and extremism. They also says that the main logic behind making this to protect Makah and Medina. Question still remain that from whom does the Kaaba and Medina has the thread?

34 countries got in the union under the flag of KSA, to defeat terrorism.Countries like Afghanistan, Chad, Egypt, Pakistan and microscopic countries like Benin, Comoros and many other. Let me clear the meanings of microscopic countries, those countries which can only be seen by microscope. If you are thinking i’m kidding then kindly search Benin and Comoros and also other more then half countries in union. This coalition is totally irreverent and it can’t do anything else then Pakistan. Pakistan is the only hardcore country present in this union. I personally think that Pakistan should not be the part of this coalition.

How can this so called Coalition against terrorism can work if there is not Iran and Syria and Iraq who war most against terrorism. On the other hand first KSA said that the union will not be against Iran, On this basis Pakistan got in the union and the moment Raheel Sharif landed on KSA. The prince and defense minister of KSA gave the interview and said that he can’t talk to the state who is preparing for Al-Mehdi. How can the Muslim state can say it like that. Everyone know that there will be two forces in last world war will Al Mehdi and Dajjal. So if you are not on the side of Al-Mehdi then it’s totally sure that you are preparing for Dajjal. And if you are for Dajjal then you should not be the Muslim. If you are not a Muslim then you have no right to rule on Hijaz.

Let not go in far past across, Day before tomorrow KSA hosted a Riyadh Summit in which Muslim leader Donald John Trump addresses the fellow nations on to the extremism and terrorism. Donald Trump totally went against Iran. Let get straight. Do you really think that Iran is responsible for that? Iran is fighting against ISIS and Al-Quaida in Syria and Iraq. Iran and his coalition made ISIS to left Aleppo, Where are the western media were yelling for the human right. Where were the human rights activists when ISIS use to rape the teens and kill the innocent people of  Aleppo and Mosul? Why do you guys have double standards? Where were KSA, when the ISIS, Al-Qaida and its allies were killing thousand of people? And now they are making So called coalition which gonna protect Makah and Medina? What KSA is been doing from last 100 years if they can’t protect the holy places of Muslim world?

Now they are making a union of 34 countries which is totally against the Iran and Hizbullah. Even a 2nd grade student can figure it out. Where Saudis gonna use the weapon of mass destruction? These questions need to be answered. Pakistan should play the leading role in union but it is not possible with KSA. Pakistan need to build its own union of Muslim countries which should include Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt,Turkey, Indonesia and KSA. Because these are the front liners of Muslim world. Pakistan need to lead. We are Alhamdulliah the only nuclear power Muslim country on the planet and we deserve to lead. In the Muslim world no country has the trained army like Pakistan has.

Pakistan suffered alot from the terrorism and Alhamdulliah Pakistan survived. From the 9/11 we were directly been involved in the War where all other countries of Muslim world were sleeping with joy. In Afghanistan we took directly shock waves of terrorism. We lost millions of lives on to the name of terrorism and when it come to Donald john Trump in Riyadh Summit not even a single word for Pakistan. Infect, instead of Pakistan India faced the terrorism according to Trump. After that blunder we noticed the American High Commissioner visited the GHQ and meet Army Chief General Bajwa. In this meeting he tried to get things normal, but i know our COAS is the Chief of world number one army.

And of all, Pakistan do not need to be the part of any coalition, If Pakistan wants to be then it should have whole control and that’s only possible when Pakistan gonna lead. KSA is playing the dirty politics and Pakistan should be aware of this. We took many War on our shoulder which should be not. We have to live for ourselves in this world everyone is taking care of itself so should we.

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