Pakistan Tabahi Movement
Pakistan Tabahi Movement

Pakistan Tabahi Movement

Pashtun Tahafuz Movement was started as Masood Tahafuz Movement in 2014, the main reason of the this social movement was to bring back Masood tribe back in the mainstream after the War of terror. I’ll not gonna discuss Pakistan’s war against terror because we all know that Pakistan did played the massive role against terrorism. Pakistan was the first country in the world who really got control on terrorism. Khair, Masood Tahafuz Movement turned into the Pashtun Tahafuz, after the brutal killing of NaqibUllah Masood.

First of all let us be fair on the problems of KPK and Baluchistan. There are some serious problems in both of these provinces but to be very honest there are problem in almost every part of country. There are many problems in Kashmir, Gilgit, Central Sindh, South Punjab and in Hazara. The Badmashia and Ashrafia of the country caused so much of problems to the country and still trying to cause more in their last moments. There is not any doubts that people of Pakistan to have problem but go against the State is not a solution, it always cause more and more problems.

After the operation against the terrorist in FATA, the massive political vacuum was generated and than that vacuum was hijacked by the international player. As it was hijacked PTM was brought up to represent the so called the issues and problem of pashtons. Again i must say there are problem in the Pakistan such as Political problems, security problems, social problem but there are solutions also, within the constitution, within the domain of state. Acha tou, PTM was brought up by the Anti-Pakistan players.

Badmashia and Ashrafia also played their Bakwas politics on the National Action Plan. If Pakistani Gov of that time, the American fav, Saudi fav, Indian fav, government of PMLN played her role in the implementation of NAP, we would never have this situation today.

As we all know that Prime Minister Khan took 22 years to get in the mainstream politics. How can PTM get so much popularity with in 4 years? What was that in their hand so they got the attention of so called world human rights liberals out of no where? Where are these Human Rights Champion when KSA is killing thousand of innocent in YEMEN? PTM has the problem with Pakistan Army, where were they when their beloved TTP were killing thousand of innocent people in FATA? Did PTM stood against them and against their brutality? How did they got so much of fame, just with in the blink of eyes?

One of the tricks they played to gain popularity by cashing in the brutal killing of Naqib Ullah Masood. There is not any doubt that Naqib was killed and assassinated by the Badmashia bullshit Rao Anwar. Who always want to be the singham of Pakistani police. No one can justify that but cashing it for your filthy interest that is really a gand . May Allah bless the father of Naqeeb Ullah, he exposed the PTM almost three months ago, he said

If PTM have a little bit, little bit of Gharat than stop playing with the name of Naqeeb Ullah. PTM might have the right reason to protest, they should protest for their rights, but it should not be constitutional. Everyone has a problem but it doesn’t mean you just go and bang everything up.

From where it all started? Back in 2015, when Pakistan Army was fighting a war against terrorism in FATA. All the sponsored terrorist got killed or ran away to Afghanistan. As they were losing control and Pakistan was coming out like a winner. They came with new tactics. Former President of Afghanistan Hamid karzai started yelling out of nowhere that

While we wish freedom for the people of [the Federally Administered Tribal Areas [Fata] from Frontier Crime Regulation [FCR] and other repressive measures, we remind the Government of Pakistan that Afghanistan hasn’t and will not recognize the Durand line

Karzai Tweeted

All the drama was already started long before in 2004 when ANP’s deputy secretary general said

“unnatural demarcation line between Pakistan and Afghanistan is unacceptable to the Pukhtuns living on both sides of the border….”

“The Durand Line will finish soon and Pukhtun nation will become united”

Mr Khattak said, while speaking at a function

But at that time TTP was playing its role quite well so they were at the back foot. Now, as TTP and all other got out, these puppets came out to serve their lords. They are acting as they want rights for KPK and Baluchistan but the reality is that this is a movement of Pashtunistan.

PTM is nothing more than a puppet movement of NDS and RAW. If it was a pure moment than why Ashraf Ghani, Puppet President of America in Afghanistan showed sympathy for the PTM protestors in his tweet?

In reply MNA Dawar thanked him like this

First there is a big question mark on the Election Commission of Pakistan, What did they allowed Moshin Dawar to contest the election. He is an active member of PTM. He is playing a double game, why he was allowed to contest election. Who will answer that?

On the other hand another Pashtoon, Minister of State for Interior Mister respected Shehryar Afridi asked PTM leader Manzoor Pashteen to surrender if he wants to be embraced. We still want PTM to get in the mainstream, if they want to. They have two choices either stay the puppets of Anti Pakistani or be the Pakistani.

Now, I think Pashtoon should know who are dealing with them. Pakhtuns are very much patriotic, they have most patriotism then any of other sectarian casts.

In the last I want to ask Ashraf Ghani, your enemies are not pashtoon. right?

Stay Blessed Everyone.

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Umer Farooq

Indian Raw is funding them


They are the shits on our soils

Ali Hassan

Nce atcle