Game of Fazal ur Rehman
Whole story of Molana Fazal ur Rehman from Karachi to Islamabad along with is lao laskar. Who gave him a go call? Who is backing Molana? Is opposition is really on a same page?

Game of Fazal ur Rehman

First of all, as I do, I want to make it clear that I’m not a supporter of Pakistan Tahreek e Insaf. I have a lot of problem with their policies, so kindly give me that space. I am only committed to Pakistan, not with Nawaz Sharif, Asif Zardari, or Fazal ur Rehman.

From Where Fazal ur Rehman Express Started?

It all started when Molana Fazal ur Rehman lost his seat of National Assembly in 2018’s general elections. From 1988, when Fazal ur Rehman was selected for the first time in national assembly from D.I Khan, it was his maiden duck in his entire political carrier. According to political analyst, it was really hard to believe that Molana is out from the Assembly. 

Once Benazir Bhutto, former two times prime minister of Pakistan, said about Fazal ur Rehaman was

“Fazal ur Rehman is a bloodthirsty beast if he is in opposition”

It is happening exactly same, this time Fazal ur Rehman was not in assembly and he just made whole electoral process rigged. How can he even say that? It clearly means they all think themselves as a God of Pakistan. They’ll never mind putting everything on stake to safe their corruption and seat. 

As Fazal ur Rehman got knocked out in general elections, Nawaz Sharif got disqualified, and Zardari was lost in dozens of his corruption cases, it was obvious that they all will cause some kind of problem. They had never tough to live their lives without power. As prime minister Khan always says, it was their muk muka. They were running the country like a dasi cricket match where player gets batting again after another. Now as they are not in power so they are now trying to recall general elections or to stop the ongoing so called Atisab. 

As for the Atisab is concern, its nothing more than a topi drama. Everyone, knows that who did corruption but every time NAB or our government fails to prove in front of honorable court. 

Game of Molana Fazal ur Rehman

Fazal ur Rehman Express Got Puncture ( Azadi March)

After seeing Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari in jail and imagining their life after returning all of the money, Molana Fazal Ur Rehman decided to do something against costliness and inflation. Because it was difficult for Fazal ur Rehman to leave both former crime partner like this. 

On the serious note, main reason behind this march was non other then to put pressure for Zardari and Nawaz. Another main beneficiary of this whole drama is non other than Molana himself. 

You guys have seen that, as Molana kick started his engine both Pakistan Peoples Party and Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz completely got out from the screen. PPP did gave them a very warm welcome in Karachi it the line of Punjab, but after that, it was all gone like there wasn’t anything there. Now, you guys was saying that Bilawal did visited Molana on container but Bilawal also said that we were partners till march and jalsa. ta ta bye bye. 

Same goes with PMLN, because PMLN was supposed to welcome Fazal ur Rehman Azadi Express in Lahore but unfortunately there was no one to welcome Molana. Shahbaz Sharif also came to container and with his energetic spark promised another 6 month of something for prime ministry. There was nothing else than that, I’ve also heard that Captain (Rtd) Safdar will call akamat after Molana but no one saw him in dharna or even in march.

That was the reason due to which, President of so called Pashtoonistan, Achaqzai said next time we have to march against both ppp and pmln. 

You might have noticed that, when Bilawal and PMLN’s leadership was on the container with Fazal ur Rehman, Molana’s tone was very much aggressive. He went against Army and indirectly hit them with the allegation of electoral fraud. 

Molana Resorted

Finally, after a day living in fantasies Molana open his eyes and try to released the pressure and hype he created lasted day by the backing of PPP and PMLN. It was quite aggressive but same as Dr. Tahir ul Qadri’s last speech. 

So hopefully, within next two to three days we see Molana will start packing his bag and by the slogan of Takbeer, Fazal ur Rehman will declare victory over Imran Khan and Army. On the serious note they really won, Nawaz Sharif already got bale same went with her daughter, and sooner or later it will be the same for Zardari and company.

Again on the serious note, why Molana was here by the way? Molana was in government both times with Benazir, same goes with Nawaz Sharif and that is not all, he was with Musharaf and then he was seen with PPP and lastly he was with PMLN. How can he ask questions to Imran Khan on costliness and inflation while being 31 years in power? 

Everyone was discussing Kashmir issue, due to the help and assistance of former two times chairmen of Kashmir Committee, Molana Fazal ur Rehman, it all gone, or I should say it is solved by his excellency?

As for the credit for Fazal ur Rehman, it was the most peaceful and well managed sitting in this decade. One is for sure, this act, which I didn’t supported, able to wash out the stain which western media always puts of Islamic world. It was really well organized.

As For The Khan And Company

I think, all of the spokespersons of Pakistan Tahreek e Insaf should get out from the opposition mode and try to behave little mature. Now you guys are in government, you guys really needs to act like big brother. Aggression is not always a part of solution.

PTI’s government should also control the costliness and inflation, you can yell everywhere that this whole was a “Diesel Drama” for “Abu bachao” but the problems are real and they exist. If problem are not controlled someone else will get up and cause more problems to national stability. Problems needs to be addressed instead of tweeting and chanting. 

As for the so called process of Ahtesab, its nothing more than a drama. It was just to divert the attention of people from real issues. Allah Khair.

Zain R Hamid

Zain R Hamid
23| 6’2” heartless Freak| Digital Badmash, Writer, Graphic Designer, Political Analyst, and #Coder| Pakistan Zindabad | Co Founder Bring A Change, Technimatics

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