Who are You?

Who are You?

Have you ever thought, who are you? Have you ever asked yourself Why are you here? These are quite a funny question for those you just not care. But they should and in some stage of their life, they will.

Before going forward, ask some questions to yourself, such as What is this all about? Why am I here? What is life? Am I alive? Do I really an important factor in this universe?

This whole thing is, kinda a conspiracy. We don’t know why we are here. Most of us don’t know the meaning of life we are living. We think that we are here for forever but at the same time, outta nowhere, someone dies in front of our very eyes and we cannot do anything about it.

Right now there is so many thoughts are revolving in my head I simply not know how to start our conversation.

Alright, let’s get towards life first.

What is Life?

According to science, life is a process of taking oxygen in and carbon dioxide out. Life starts from the lap of the mother and ends at the rest in a grave. This is the period in which we live our life, generally.

Living life is quite a serious business. Most of us are not living there lives they are just passing it. In our childhood, we are been taught about the importance of a happy and comfortable life. On the other hand, no one ever gave us the answer to “How?”.

Our Believes

We are simply here to spend some time here and then move to the next level which we even don’t believe in. Don’t make me Kafar, just tell if we really believe in the life coming next, should we not do some preparations for that?

Now if everything is on God for forgiveness without any of our practices and all of that then why did He created all of this in the first place? If everything we do is done on His willingness than why did He created Jannat aur Jahanum, or Haven and Hell? God allowed us to do anything we want.

God has gave us full control in our life, we are responsible for each and every act we do. So all of this who are believing that God will forgive for nothing, it is wrong.

You will be expecting forgiveness from God on the judgment, everyone will do. Which is good, but the question arises that are we doing what He is expecting from us?

According to Bible:

“Then they will go away to eternal punishment, but the righteous to eternal life.”

Matthew 25:46

And in Quran, Allah Almighty says

“Then, surely it is We who are most knowing of those most worthy of burning therein.”

” And there is none of you except he will come to it. This is upon your Lord an inevitability decreed.”

Maryam 19:70
Maryam 19:71

Money and Lust

The thing which we believe which is the sign of a successful life is Job. We teach our children just to be the best employee, why don’t we teach them to be the best person with a great personality? The worth of our goals are totally gone to dust.

The young adult who is just been graduated from the college, the thing which will come first in his mind will be of job. The job might not be a problem in the western world but it surely is one of the biggest problems in this part of the world.

Lust for money is everywhere in the world. Where ever you do, no matter how much-civilized nation it is, there will be a money lust. And if you step a little bit more ahead than……

So, next question rises……..

Why Are You Here?

We don’t know why we are here and what we are up to. Nor even have any goals in our life, for real. We are playing here our lives just to pass some time which we have.

The human cannot be a human if he doesn’t know the business he is in to. We do also have other communities living here with us. By the way which can’t think but know the importance of life best from us.

First and the foremost, it should be believed that we are not here on a honeymoon trip, which we’ll have some and that’s all. Think about your existence.

Scientists believe that every discovery, every living nonliving thing in this world have something to offer. If everything has something to offer then why we are empty-handed till now? Why don’t we have anything to offer?

We are not here for nothing, each and everyone has a purpose in their life. All we need is to find it and achieve it.

Reality is that we are living in the fantasies away from reality. And the problem comes when we still want to live with that.

Kinds of Mentality

There are always two types of people in the world. One of them are those who are blind followers. Most of the people in the world are blind followers, they don’t have their own thoughts.

Those blind followers are the main trouble causer. If they educate themselves on the issues and the reality, the problem never arises. It is like the “drugs”, blindly following without any reason, without any cause.

If they go for the cause, most of them are useless with no future. Those are the general public. They are the most in number.

The blind implication is totally forbidden in the case of humanity.

The second type of people are those who are the leaders. The real thinkers. They lead the nation to the glory or to the dust. This type of people are the well-wishers or mostly the thugs.

Now it’s own the first type to who they accept. Most of the time they accept thugs, mafias and corrupt ones. If the first class, show some responsibility while choosing their leader and role models. We have a totally different situation in the future. This is not optional, this is mandatory.

Animal or Human

The thinking which always needs to be established by every living person on this planet is to decide their true existence. This is important to know what you are, who are you, or what you want to be.

Most of the people living in this world, do not care about their supremacy which Almighty gave them. They are living their lives like lower creations. I’m just telling the facts.

What is the goal of today’s man, woman life? Job, get married, have kids, and than die. These things are important but these are not all. You have something really،really great to offer.

Animals can do these things better than humans, humans are not supposed to limit themselves to this only.

Let me discuss one thing, it would be a little bit freaky but however, who said that getting more and more clothless will make you modern and so-called civilized? If that is the case, animals should be a symbol of the best civilization and modernism who don’t wear anything. By the way, they do have their natural dress on, but I don’t know about us.

Most of the people open their eyes when they are about to close. At that time most of, or we can say the whole of time has gone pass by.

Do Think On Your Own

Do Think Of Your Own

It is important to have your own thinking about each and every situation of daily life. When you think about something, you’ll definitely think about it’s an improvement.

Intentionally, unintentionally, you will try to implement those ideas of improvement in your society. At least you will try to implement those ideas on yourself. When you’ll do that, you will definitely improve your living standards morally and mentally.

Dumb and duff people don’t have anything in their lives. They just living and passing their time on the name of enjoyment, fun, and YOLO. They don’t even live on their own, they live on others.

Think on your own, this will make you look at the world in a new way. Realities will be unleashed in front of your very eyes.

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