My University Life- 2nd Semester
During the examination, CR Usama out of frustration announced that he is giving up his CR-ship. Firstly he asked me to take his place, and I agreed. Afterward, things got complicated Meer also became the candidate for CR. When I came to know that election would take place to

My University Life- 2nd Semester

Elections For CR

During the examination, CR Usama out of frustration announced that he is giving up his CR-ship. Firstly he asked me to take his place, and I agreed. Afterward, things got complicated Meer also became the candidate for CR. When I came to know that election would take place to decide the next CR, I backed off. I don’t want to get through the elections. After that, he was Meer all alone.

When it was trending about elections, Nouman also got up and announced that he will also run in this race. Now, as the election was obvious I took the initiative of conducting “free and fair elections”.

Number of times Meer challenged to compete in the elections and win, so after so much of requests, I decided to get back in race. We had a one week of time for the election campaign. I and my Progressive Programming Party (PPP) started requesting votes from other class fellows.

I was and still confident that I made a clear lead. Roundabout 22 to 24 students out of 52 were by my side in the elections. If election took placed I would win quite easily.

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I told you guys about Nouman in the last blog, so as for Meer, Meer is a decent guy. He is always smiling, no matter what’s going on in the class he always has his smile on and I have heard once the teacher also yelled at him. He is also getting married I guess. May Allah bless you my boy, have a great and wonderful life ahead.

First Day In 2nd Semester

The first day was quite interesting, I was late and wasted quite some time in search of the class. I did not even know the subject we were having that day. After confirming and all of that I finally went in class.

The first time, I saw a handsome teacher in university. The moment when I get into the class, I started looking a free seat and Sir Maaz asked me “Han Ji, Why are you here?” I replied “I’m here to take a class

Sir Maaz: “Which class are you in right now

Me: “MCs 2 Sir

Sir Maaz: “Subject Name?

Me: “Computer Accounting……”. Moment when I said that everyone started laughing.

Sir Maaz: “From where you got accounting?

Me: “Sorry Sir, Computer Networking

Sir Maaz: “Stay punctual? It should not happen again”

Meanwhile, Sir was asking everyone about their past results of matric, intermediate, BSc and 1st semester. After five minutes it was my turn, as usual I was sitting in the last seat.

In my turn, sir asked me about my score in matric I said 50% Sir Maaz asked for FSc I replied 52%, he asked about BSc and I answered 55%. Then he asked me “What are your intentions for now?” I said “Pretty good”.

Last Days In Morning

Everything was going as per script. We got free from the examination, some scored great some scored low. Many of our classmates left university due to a low score, khair most of the class was willing to continue.

One of our conjourist also left the university. I tried my best to convince her but, I should admit that I failed. Anyway, May Allah bless her a lot. She was and will be the cutest sister of mine in university.

We were used to taking the long sessions of preparation for the finals of the first semester. While all of us do studies, after every second or two Romana use to get lost in the fantasies of the Urdu novels. It was really difficult to bring her back to reality.

On the other side, Samra has some special drawing skills. She is a great designer, her notebook carries designs more than class notes. I wish she keep her skills alive and one day become a top sketch designer of Pakistan.

A Dare Challenge

One day we were sitting on the rooftop in a good mood. Amtul challenged all others to get a glasses from a particular guy, no one was will to step up but Malaika did. No one has ever seen that guy without classes, he was used to putting classes on all the time.

Anyway, as the challenge was accepted, Malaika went to that glasses guy and asked him for sunglasses. After initial chit and chat, between those two, he handed his glasses to Malaika and turned his face to another side. At that time we came to know that he had some issue with eyes, we also felt a little sorry.

WhatsApp Encounter

Malaika is a very confident and passionate girl, the first time we didn’t have the normal conversation we had slightly small encounter in WhatsApp group. We didn’t meet before, never even listened about each other but we had some hard chat. That was OK.

She was used to enjoying songs while having a class through handsfree. As she always has a full hijab on all the time, no one can notice her. Once Malaika was doing the same in English class, Sir Anees asked her some questions and she had no place to run. She answered all of the questions, I don’t know how but in the end Sir said just still down and concentrate.

Abacus Consulting

Malaika and CR Usama were planning to start the job and getting down to evening shift. It was also somewhere in my mind that I should start my professional career as soon as possible.

Malaika gave an interview at Abacus Consulting and got selected. Usama and I asked Malaika that can we have any chance too? She said there is no problem in giving an interview. So Usama, I and another guy Mudasar signed up for an initial interview.

We had not received any response, it was kinda upset. Anyway, Usama tried again and got selected. He made me give another try, I gave an interview and they called me for the second interview.

While giving the second interview, I met my former class fellow of BSc Nouman. He gave little favor and put his name as a reference. He talked to the HR department and told me that it’s all good don’t worry.

Here comes a fun part, after giving a good and proper second interview. Nouman texted me “Why did you run away from the interview,” I said “kya mtlb? I gave a proper interview which was not even bad after all.” He said, “HR department told me that you did came for an interview but ran away without an interview.”

I tried to explain to him everything, it was difficult for him to accept but I was shocked by the behavior of Abacus Consulting Management. This is totally wrong, at least if you don’t know anything you should confirm it first.

Sides Changed

After examination, especially after getting in 2nd-semester a lot of things and priorities started changing. It was difficult to believe that this could also happen but anyway life is the name of moving on so it was rightly done.

I personally made by mind by the end of March that I will move to the evening. I told Usama and made him clear that we will take a class of 1st April in the evening shift. Thanks to Usama, he said “Ok Bro”.

It was difficult to change sides the, but we did, Usama and I got into the second shift. So from that moment, Usama was a CR by heart only just like Nawaz Sharif.

First Day In Evening

The first day in the evening was quite interesting, we were seen as we came from some another planet. Till the last day before Mid’s, we were hanging between two groups of the class. We also had an option to join Malik Rizwan but that was kinda awful. 😀 On a serious note, #Respect for Rizwan Bhai.

Umair was quite impressive, in our early days he did try to help us out in DB and CCN. After that, I and Usama were always wondering what has happened to this guy.

I think, only once I interacted with the girl’s sections in the start. I just requested all of the lectures of the syllabus from QA. After that, we haven’t interacted with anyone although we had basic Salam and Dua with everyone.

Once the Burka Avenger group was enjoying and laughing as they always do, i little bit shouted on them. I still remember one of them replied “ Na jan na pehchan, awain ghusa kr rha hai” and she was Arooj I guess.

We were like the migrants, I and Usama were used to sit in Quetta Café and had tea and paratha. We used to discuss quite different things. I personally was quite comfortable while having one buddy by my side.

Once he invited Usama to hang out with his group, Usama responds it pretty well. After that, this topic got closed. Usama is a very social person, always loves to hang out, and no matter it is a day or night whenever you’ll text him he always replies unless he is not sleeping. May Allah bless him and give him so much success all around.

When We Got Ditched

Somewhere it was decided between Usama and the most populated group of that time that we will all study together for the examination. One of their group members asked Usama and me that “We always have a group study session before the examination, I’ll inform you guys and we have heard that some of you got good programming skills.” Anyway, Usama said “Insha Allah”.

It was Saturday, the last Saturday, before Midterm examination. I came early roundabout at 10 AM. Usama was also on his way, meanwhile, I was helping my morning conjurist to get through the programming. Usama reached at 12:30, I guess. I was quite hungry, we had brunch. After that, I asked Usama about programming and he said that one of our class fellows was asking us to join let me check that they reached the university or not.

Usama texted him, and he said: “We have just reached, now we are going to have breakfast come and join us”. Former CR ended up by replying “Thanks a lot, inform me before starting preparation of exams, we are waiting”.

We waited from 12:30 PM to 4 PM but did not receive any message. Meanwhile, Usama sent number of texts that same guy but had no response. I said to Usama, just let those in hell and lets do study on our own.

Usama backed me and we started doing OOP. We did programming until 5 PM. At 5, it was a time for English class and it was decided first that class will bunk as a unit. Usama was thinking of confirming from those again, I stopped Usama. I think that if someone is not even giving you a f*** and we should also avoid.

Last English Class

This life moves in a cycle, if someone is avoiding you today he will defiantly, sooner or later, expect the same as you were expecting from him and he didn’t deliver.

In the start of class, Sir Haroon started waiting for our class as there were only 2 students sitting in class. Our class was combined with BSIT 6, they were very annoying but we had a good experience. As Sir was waiting for all others to join in, one of the BSIT’s students told Sir Haroon that some of MCs students are sitting on the roof.

Sir got shocked and sent Usama to check and report. I raised my hand and ask for permission to accompany Usama Sir allowed me, and we went up there and saw some of our soul mates while having fun. Usama told them the whole story and one of them shouted “BSIT has just shown their worth” I was like HYNNN???

In short, we moved them from there so we could put it on oath that they “are” not on the roof. So, Sir Haroon If you are reading this I want to apologies along with Usama, we’re sorry they were out there. I don’t wanna go in details but we are extremely sorry.

We Got Company

While taking an English class, we noticed that we have joined someone from the class. I whispered “Oye CR, I think she is Zanam” he didn’t feel the same. After the class she came to me and said “Should we start programming?” and then Usama said, “Wah, What an observation”.

We went down and met an Avenger and Rukhshanda. Both were waiting for me, wow I started feeling some of my worth again. Avenger is a govt school teacher and also doing a BA.Ed at the same time, super hardworking and talented.

We were also joined by Tayyiba Sultan via call. We did OOP and did some of DB and DSA also. Me and Usama learned a new thing by Zanam which was “Mujhay Kuch Nahi Ataa”, she is so much super talented even knowing nothing she has scored very well in mids.

We also have a young mom with us who have 2 kids and a caring husband. I always wonder how much patience he has for having and keeping her. She got a great sense of humor which carried out in her next generation also. May Allah bless her and her family.

When we get into the company one of their member and the main link was missing. His name is Asad, he was in Kenya for an official trip. When he came back, we felt complete. He has a really great sense of humor, always tries to make others laugh and smile.

OOP Project

OOP project was one hell of the task. We had a limited number of days and had a lot to offer. Everyone was so much frustrated, we all completed on the last moment. It was a great experience after all.

Everyone had an individual project, everyone worked hard and got up with something which can be sold.

In the time of demo, Sir Javed Ullah started with Aqsa followed by Umair Bhai and then me. The moment when I complied by project, Sir straight away made it suspicious and said that you had copied it or gave it to others also. I was like “Seriously???”.

Anyway, I got 8/10 which were not bad. But the thing which hit me the most were the comments of Sir Javed. Thanks to Avenger, Mom and Tayyiba they stood up for me and sacrificed their mark to make my 9/10. Thank you so much.  

Group Oriented

One thing which disturbed me most was grouping. The total population of 14 students was divided into two groups without any reason and one of us was playing independently.

Bundle of respect for each and every member of CR company, but having such distances without any reason is totally ridiculous and childish. I have asked my group number of times why you all act like this, they were totally speechless. Avenger and Arooj always show respect for QA and Mutaiba they always remember them on best notes and I, most of the time, ask them why you all don’t be one again. Every time I get the same answer, we don’t know.

Same thoughts for my side also if they are the cause of the problem too. You will never get the your dream company by your side, everyone has a different school of thoughts. All what matters is how you get to know each other, keep the differences aside and focus on the similarities. We should all act like grown ups.

Now, I know most of you guys will act likely after reading this but please just stop it forsake. Rakhni hai tou sidi trhan rakho.

It’s not always all about marks and grade. This degree will only be the piece of paper which will be nothing more than a receipt. All you’ll carry out form here is the memory and respect. This was only for two years and it has left for one year now.

What will you guys tell your generation, how will you remember another part of your class family? If someone has the misunderstandings regarding anything it must be cleared and cleaned, why are you making it so much complex for the rest?

Comparison between Both Shifts 

I don’t want to make a fare compression but there were a lot of problems in the morning, at least they were there when anyone was in need of anything. Here in the evening, almost everyone carries so much selfish behavior. Everyone wants himself to succeed, they don’t give a damn to others.

After having low in midterms, some of my colleagues wanted me to get in the teacher’s office and ask them to increase my numbers. I personally don’t want to be a part of Chaplusi Culture. This is beyond the peace of self-respect. Words of Sir Maaz got so much effected on me, like they were also before but right now I have only those to quote, he said “Just try to play your role 100% in the examination, I will treat your paper on merit and I will not welcome beggar of numbers. This will be against your self-respect, so kindly respect it”.

As I moved in the evening, the majority didn’t have that. You are indirectly killing the merit and future of a thousand others. You should be sticking to your own worth. Stop bagging for worthless profit and endless sins.  

Somethings like these I’ve heard about morning shift also. Please stop this before it gets to late. You guys are not kids anymore.

Be A Role Model

A class leader should be a role model, he should play in all side of the ground. Remaining and keeping yourself a group-oriented and selfish is pathetic and childish, especially if someone is having an experience of so-called 16 years of education. If everything has to do by individuals then I personally think there is no need for a CR or class leader.

One thing i should admit that, CR did tried his best to unite the class but I think problem is on the both sides. And kindly note, everything I have mentioned in last couple of paragraphs were not only against single particular group, my group doesn’t have a verified Jannati mark on their forehead same goes with others also.

I changed sides just for some peace, the job was the second priority but I don’t have anything left to write now. We are at that stage of our education carrier which will be the last for most of us, and student having such behavior is totally disgusting. We really really need to grow up.

As for the teachers, will write something letter on.

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Interesting Zain i wanna say that selfish and b**t**ds are everywhere, that all.