My University Life-1st Semester

My University Life-1st Semester

My story begins with the final examination of BSc, which I did from “University Of The Punjab”. As I got free in August, I started waiting for December. I was thinking of having rest, completing 14 years of education was not an easy task. Especially for me.

As per the plan, I was relaxing and enjoying vacations suddenly, one day, my father yelled at me. He said “What are you waiting for? Go and apply somewhere for MCs, it seems like you have forgotten last experience”. I just stood up and said “YES SIR! I’m on it”.

Next day, I went to the closest institute, my elder sister (cousin) Taqadus was doing BBA from there. At that time, it was the only institute which was taking new admissions, so I had any no choice.

So, I went to BIMS and took admission in MCs (Masters in Computer Sciences). I was so direct even reception staff went shocked they might be thinking how come someone takes admission in this institute in a first go. Sir Saad and his colleague asked me twice “Are you sure you want to take admission here”. I personally think that I was the first student who was enrolled in MCs.

After having such a great day, I was happy that at least I got admission somewhere. I came back home and told the whole story to Mom and Dad, their reaction was “What!!!!!!!!!!!”. I said, “What’s What?”. They were thinking that this institute does not have any value, regarding its degree. Anyhow, I explained and removed their every reservation and then they felt OK.

Finally, The Party Started

The first day was not my first day, I called my friend Hamza Sadique he did ICs with me from 502 Model College. I asked him about the orientation ceremony, he said “it is of no use, you’ll only gonna waste your time. They will just give some boring BASHAN and a box having SAMOSA and a cake piece.” So I decided to stay home.

Alright, so the first day when I got into the institute I was told that your class is Konay Main. Anyway, when I get into the class I saw the pure saint soul holder, Sir Laeeq. He was a teacher of Digital Logic and  Design. As per protocol, he asked everyone their name, qualification, and last institute.

First time I interacted with in class was Taseem and Ayaz. Both are from Kashmir and at the start, they were quite impressive. After the initial conversation, they told the culture of NUML University. Taseem told me that he was doing IR and came here for MCs after freezing his first semester. I didn’t react, although I said that he should continue to IR.

The first day was average, not bad nor good. However 2nd day, it was pretty much good. We were joined by Sir Haroon, a professor of English Language.  He asked every student to come on dice and introduce themselves. Right from start, we have interesting introductions. Abdul and our CR Usama turned into the lost brothers of Sir Haroon, as they both have the background of Jhang city.

We (boys) were telling all, but Sir Haroon was keen to know something else. However, Sir Haroon didn’t bring his desire query on words. After boys, everyone turned their attention to the girl’s side. The best intro which will be remember was of Nouman and Amtul. Nouman told whole hard time he has faced in his college life. According to him, he was so innocent, each and every teacher he had in college were Hitler. Everyone really enjoyed his conversation with Sir Haroon.

Amtul came up with a very serious face, as the whole class was laughing and enjoying, she said: “I don’t like having fun all the time, I like to stay serious and focused”. After that Sir Haroon gave her an emotional, heart touching lecture on staying happy and enjoying every single bit your life. Those words of Sir Haroon affected Amtul that hard, I didn’t saw her serious after that day.

After that, we had a beautician in front of us. She introduced herself, out of nowhere Sir Haroon asked her “How good are you with cooking?” She said, “I can cook every dish”. Sir Haroon asked her to share the recipe of a dish, I don’t have a clear memory about this. If I remember correctly, she missed something and Sir Haroon pointed that out. She replied “My Mother is handling all that, I’m telling you what I’m doing (to make that recipe)” Sir Haroon said “What’s your mom doing there? Do it all by yourself.”  After that, she pointed at me and said: “Who was boiling eggs for his Anda Karri”. By the way, I really can make Anda Karri.

Char Charsi

In the second encounter with Sir Haroon, he pointed at a student and said did you gave intro in last class? He replied with yes. He said “If I remember corrected, you were wearing Shalwar Qameez……..”  student instantly replied, “I never got Shalwar Qameez on”. Sir Haroon just stopped there and said, let everything aside first tell why don’t you wear Shalwar Qameez. He was going to answer, students started making comments. Someone even said he’s not even a Muslim.  He said “Wahh Yar….”  Khair he replied to Sir Haroon that “There isn’t any specific reason behind it” . To move the class proceeding, he bought his opinion.

After all of this, a girl sitting with her two best friends, behind me, called pant shirt guy Kharoos and she also took an oath that we will never even talk to this Badtameez.

One day, that Initiative Taking Girl had some problem in DLD assignment. She texted that same “Kharoos” guy and asked him for help. They mutually cooperated and completed that assignment. Meanwhile solving the assignments she asked: “Why everyone calls you Kharoos?” He said, “Maybe I am”.

After a couple of hours, while having a gym, “Kharoos” guy received the message from the same girl having something like, “I shared my assignment with my friend, she is saying that we did something wrong in calculating answers” he replied “Who is she? What’s her name?” she replied “Amtul”. “Kharoos” gone little mad and replied  “How can we go wrong? You did this twice and then we matched our answers and they were same, there will be a problem with her” she said ok.

I was sitting in the conference hall, my class fellow came and asked me something about PF’s program. After addressing her problem, I asked her name. She said Tayyiba. I got shocked and replied “ So you are Tayyiba?”  she replied “Yess…..”. Then I asked, “Who was calling me Kharoos?”  Tayyiba laughed and pointed Amtul, Meanwhile Amtul was showing her cuteness and she pointed towards Romana. Romana was standing way behind and she yelled from there “Ji Nahi, It was you”. I don’t know who did she pointed. Anyway, after having a nice chit chat, we made the first group of MCs.

While we were having a conversation, one of our class fellow asked Tayyiba her name and saved her mobile number. Out of no where, Tayyiba went mad and made him to delete her number. I’ll not going to quote her words. After all that, I thought, Thank God I didn’t sent her text first.

Tayyiba’s first message was “Zain Bhai” and it will always be remembered. #Respect

Programming’s Professor

There are so many stories related to programming subject. Alright, here we go.

PF’s First Assignment

After having 3-4 programming lectures on “Hello Word”, sir was going to give an assignment and no one was willing to have it. Everyone was opposing, out of nowhere I said: “Yes Sir, We are ready to have it”. Each and everyone looked at me like hungry animals and on my call, Sir Rathore called gave an assignment to us.

After the class, we moved to another room for the next class. Someone yelled at me there “Zain! You’ll do the assignment of the whole class” I replied, “No one is enough beautiful here”. After that many girls put their complaints in front of CR Usama Tahir against me. Those days, I was also playing with CR and we also had the exchange of harsh words. Anyway, I did and shared the assignment which whole class.

That was the day when I got some ground in front of the class. One day, Sir Rathore asked “Anyone who can write the factorial program” I raised my hand, Sir called me on the whiteboard and gave me a marker. I wrote the program, which was 95% correct but I was able to get my name in the mind of Sir Rathore.

Another Programming Guru

There was another programming guru in the class also, his name is Nouman. He also had clear concepts and was very hardworking, at that time. But he was a little late, when he was making his mark, at that time, I already made mine. When he came up with programming skills, I felt a little relieved. Almost half of our class went towards him for learning programming, even my own group mates had gone once. He also has good teaching skills.

The whole class was against Sir Rathore, except for the two of us. Once the whole class tried to file an application against him. I was the only one who stood against the class. I’ve changed the mind of class. I personally believe that application can only work when you pass it at the start of the session. If they went with an application at that time it would only cause more problem for them. Anyway, they stayed with Sir Rathore.

Encounter with Sir Rathore

May Allah shower his countless blessing upon the grave of Amtul’s father. When Amtul came back to university after her father died, we were having PF’s class it was Saturday. In the break, we all four, went to the conference hall, after the condolence we started doing the assignment of DS.

Here comes the fun, as four of us were sitting in the conference hall Sir Asif came in and look everywhere and went. We didn’t know that break time is over, anyway when I realized I gave my assignment to remaining three charsis for making a copy for themselves.

When I reached in class, Sir Asif was also in the class. Sir Rathore said, “Whom you were sitting with?” Sir Asif added “Break time is over and you are still in the hall, who was the second girl with you? Where is she now?” I was so puzzled, I thought for a moment and named Tayyiba. Sir Rathore said go and get her to class.

I ran towards all three of them and told Tayyiba that Sir Rathore is calling you. All of them came, Sir Rathore stopped them outside and sent me in class. Let’s get it short, Sir Rathore took all DS assignments.

Now, Tayyiba started feeling the heat. After the class, Tayyiba and Amtul went to Sir Rathore and requested him to handover assignments back. Sir Rathore asked them to meet me in office. Tayyiba shouted from back “Sir, I don’t understand you(r teachings)”. She simply stunted everyone. Sir Rathore smiled and went out of the class.

That was not all, I heard the sound like the big “dazzzzz”. When I turned back, Tayyiba was down on the floor and Amtul was trying to get her back in normal mode. In short, she came back in senses and we went for the next class.

That’s not all when it was time to submit the assignment, me and Amtul didn’t submit while having it. Khair DS class end, I went back home and the rest of my army decided to visit Sir Rathore.

As per Tayyiba, “We witness completely different Sir Rathore, He offered us somosa and had a nice chat. I asked Sir Rathore, will you fail me? He said why would I do that? I said, because of the rudeness. Sir Rathore replied, no but if you were having a problem in programming you should have asked me, each and every student pays me indirectly for this so it is my responsibility”.

It was also revealed that, Sir Asif and Sir Rathore were not after us. Sir Asif saw and complaint about the GR and the guy sitting with her. We were roasted without any reason.  

DLD’s Project

We were the first group, who completed the project of DLD. After that, we had a deal with almost each and every other group of class. The deal was like, we would only help if they brought us something to eat.

So, last week of the first semester was quite awesome. Everyone was coming with something, and we were taking errors out from their project.

I must say something for Haroona and Hifza. Both, along with 3 others, were shifted from MSc to MCs. First two weeks they were not getting anything right. Anyway, they managed to get into a new environment. They both are very hardworking, I think one of them did cross 3.0 mark in getting GPA. In short, their project was very complex and if I’m not wrong their treat is still due. 😀

Charsi to Conjuring

By the end of the semester we were 6. We brought in Samara and Nooria. When Nooria came into the class for the first time, I thought of my sister Taqadus. Both have the same walking style but Nooria is Nooria.

The first time Nooria came to me with the register in hand and showed me her program. I looked at it, which was good. After notifying some errors, I intentionally said: “Did you copied it from the internet?” Nooria left the sight without saying anything.

Afterward, when we started developing some understanding it was revealed by Samra that Nooria was so mad at me. According to her Nooria was like “How can he say such words? I did the whole program by myself and he thought that I’ve cheated. I will never ever going to talk with this man again.

So Nooria, if you are reading this, I’m Sorry……… you are very hard working and you are always focused on your goals. May Allah bless you a lot more.

Anyway, when we were doing studies for the final examination, Nooria and Samra came close and became a part of our team. They both are very kind and have a pure heart.

Nooria has a special storytelling tone, if the story is not so interesting, she will present in an interesting way. Samra always complains like “Yar aisa tou nahi hota na”. Ramana is so kind hearted, she is always concerned about the hungry and needy people. She took us to cafe just for the single time in whole semester, but when ever she feel surprised she says “2 rupay k cholay bantti hun”. My English reached its limits, I cannot translate these.

As all six of us are so cute, sometimes we have “Holy Wars”. Not “we”, “they” have proper cold-blooded war. But the good thing is that they are solved within the group. We never went for any external interference and inshaAllah we will not.

Surprise Visit to Police Station

Whole boy section of our class decided to have a cricket match on the idea of Abdul Raheem. We decided to play in Sector I-9. Some of us had the bike and most of the boys were coming via Metro. So it was decided that bike holder will take them to ground from the Metro station.

When we were going for the second cycle, Policemen stopped me and demanded the bike registration copy. It was in my bag but I was not sure, Rana Hassan was there with me, I must say he helped me a lot out there. When policemen were not showing any resilience, I sent CR to search for bike copy in my bag.

My bike was locked up, thanks to Allah, CR came with registration copy and I was freed from that mess. Thank you Usama Bhai, I owe you one.

Anyway, as for cricket, we had the three-match series. My team lost by 2-1, CR’s team played pretty cool. Atif was the player of the last match, he batted superbly and anchored his team to victory. Abdul batting and bowling was also very very impressive.

After a week, we had another day for cricket. That day was our day, we won by 2-0. Nouman, Taseem, Mudasar, Shoaib and Wahid, all played pretty well.

Super Special Students

If you ask me, who gained the most attention in the first week of MCs, I’ll go with Usama Mirza. Everyone was thinking like, he is the guy. That man had made his ground in the first week. After that, he just ruined his status. Usama scored low in finals and then he quitted University. He is still a very intelligent person, have tons of skills but they are of no use. May Allah bless him.

We also have our own version of Shakespeare, The Shockspear. I was that lucky guy who saw him first time entering into the university with his relative. My reaction was “OHH Shit”. I know him from BSc, he was doing psychology and I was in statistics. According to his former classmate, Shockspeare “…became psycho after taking psychology so hard ”. Else than all that, he is a very nice guy, always active and friendly.

The person I am impressed most in this past year is none other than Anas Jameel. He is so much energetic and hardworking. Anns is always keen to learn more and do more. That man is always ready to help other students.

Nouman is one of the, I don’t know, complex personality. He really does not know where he is going. It is his time to decide about his future, if he did not he will not. Nouman has such great programming skills he should take those skills to the next level.

When it’s come to girls side, no one is more hardworking then Saba. One day she came to me and said: “Zain Bhai if you allow and don’t get mad can I send you my codes to corrections”. It was a big HAHAHA for me. I personally believe that if she carried her hard work forward in the right direction, she will be at some place where everyone will feel proud.

Abdul Raheem Ikhlaq Kiyani is one of the most decent personalities of class. He is always humble and smiling. I never saw him doing lose talk with anyone in these four months. He has respect for every person and every teacher. And this thing will make him different from all others one day.

Jahanzaib is a computer supermind. He has so much of the computer knowledge, and he has so much to offer for Pakistan. If he carried his hard working and passion along in future, he will do all undone.

I think that’s all, most of the important event I’ve covered. Some things might be or should I say will be missing, I wrote all which I could remember best.

InshaAllah, Next up is 2nd Semester.

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Usama Tahir ( Cr)

Superb bro… humari starting fight ko mention krna nai bhola tu 😂😂😂


Just gave a touch ;), you are great. stay blessed brother