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I'm Zain Hamid

Extensive background spanning four years in the industry. Armed with an M.S. in Data Sciences, this self-motivated individual showcases a track record of honed expertise in data science and analysis.

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Explore a glimpse into my areas of passion and expertise.

Skills & Expertise

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Data Analysis
Power BI 80%
Pandas 75%
MS Excel / Google Sheets 70%
Looker Studio 95%
Deep Learning
Python 95%
Data Mining 85%
Computer Vision 75%
NLP 60%
Old Days
Content Writing & SMM 78%
WordPress Development 65%
C# 57%
Photoshop 50%
Web Automation & Scraping
Python 95%
Selenium 90%
BeautifulSoup 70%
SNScrape 70%
Explore a glimpse into my areas of passion and expertise.

Areas of Interest

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Data Mining

I am deeply intrigued by delving into the applications of Data Mining


I am captivated by its realm, my desire to unfold the unseen world in its innovative frontiers


Who don’t like ChatGPT?

Data Analysis

I love storytelling, delving into the core of challenges, and crafting effective solutions.


I am captivated by the art of programming and the endless possibilities it unlocks

Having Fun

Which I don’t have time for due to workload and other stuff.

    Dr. Fatima Khalique
    Dr. Fatima Khalique

    Sr. Lecturer, BUIC

    I had the pleasure of supervising Zain during his Master's program, and I can confidently say that he is an exceptional individual with immense potential. Zain consistently demonstrated an outstanding work ethic and a genuine passion for his field of study. He has a remarkable ability to grasp complex concepts and apply them effectively.

      Abdullah Nasir
      Abdullah Nasir

      Senior Manager, Payactiv

      Zain has consistently demonstrated exceptional skills and dedication throughout his time on our team. From the very beginning, it was evident that Zain possesses a unique combination of technical expertise and analytical prowess. His ability to dissect complex datasets, identify patterns, and derive actionable insights has been instrumental in driving the success of numerous projects.


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