What is USA?

What is USA?

The nation of donkies and elephents established herself as the world superpower in 1991, when she destroyed USSR in Afghanistan by the proxies. After that United States emerged as the world the only superpower. As the kingship begins, from 1992 to 2014, the newly fun of superpower made America started invading and destroying many other countries. Not only after 1992 but before also. Let’s start from 2nd World War:

  • America Blasts the only Atomic Bombs in the history of this World. More than 226,000 people killed in Japan.
  • America Invaded China in 1945 took the side of Chiang Kai-Shek against Communists. The U.S. used defeated Japanese soldiers to fight for its side. The Communists forced Chiang to flee to Taiwan in 1949.
  • In 1947 America interfered in the elections to prevent the Communist Party from coming to power legally and fairly. This all was done in the name of ” saving democracy” in Italy.
  • In 1947 US Intervened in a civil war, taking the side of the neo-fascists against the Greek left which had fought the Nazis courageously.
  • In 1945 US Army fought against leftist forces (Huks) even while the Huks(Philippines)  were still fighting against the Japanese invaders. After the war, the U. S. continued its fight against the Huks, defeating them, and then installing a series of puppets as president, culminating in the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos.
  • After WWII, The US Suppressed the popular progressive forces in the favor of the conservatives who had collaborated with Japanese. This led to a long era of corrupt, reactionary and brutal governments in South Korea.
  • In 1949 the U.S. and Britain tried unsuccessfully to overthrow the communist government in Albania and install a new one that would have been pro-Western.
  • In 1950 CIA tried a wide-ranging campaign of sabotage, terrorism, dirty tricks and psychological warfare against East Germany. That all led to the building of the Berlin Wall in 1961.
  • In 1950, Ho Chi Minh was, after all, some kind of Communist. He had written numerous letters to President Truman and the State Department asking for America’s help in winning Vietnamese independence from the French and finding a peaceful solution for his country. All his entreaties were ignored. Ho Chi Minh modeled the new Vietnamese declaration of independence on the American, beginning it with “All men are created equal. They are endowed by their Creator with …” But this would count for nothing in Washington.Twenty-three years and more than a million dead, later, the United States withdrew its military forces from Vietnam. Most people say that the U.S. lost the war. But by destroying Vietnam to its core, and poisoning the earth and the gene pool for generations, Washington had achieved its main purpose: preventing what might have been the rise of a good development option for Asia.
  • In 1953 Iranian Prime Minister Mossadegh was overthrown in a joint US/British operation. Mossadegh had been elected to his position by a large majority in parliament.
  • In 1956 the Eisenhower Doctrine stated that the United States “is prepared to use armed forces to assist” any Middle East country “requesting assistance against armed aggression from any country controlled by international communism.” The English translation of this was that no one would be allowed to dominate, or have excessive influence over, the middle east and its oil fields except the United States and that anyone who tried would be, “Communist.” In keeping with this policy, the United States twice attempted to overthrow the Syrian government, staged several shows-of-force in the Mediterranean to intimidate movements opposed to U.S.-supported governments in Jordan and Lebanon, landed 14,000 troops in Lebanon, and conspired to overthrow or assassinate Nasser of Egypt and his troublesome middle-east nationalism.

From 1956 to 1990 America Invaded in cambodia, The Congo, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Indonesia, Chile, Greece, East Timor, Nicaragua, Grenada, Libya and Panama.

In 1990 America just woke from the worst nightmare that Iraq in violating the human rights in Kuwait, After using Sadam Hussain against Iran, killing 800,000 from both sides, America decided to stop that the world most brutal and insane personality known as Saddam. Relentless bombing for more than 40 days and nights, against one of the most advanced nations in the Middle East, devastating its ancient and modern capital city; 177 million pounds of bombs falling on the people of Iraq, the most concentrated aerial onslaught in the history of the world; depleted uranium weapons incinerating people, causing cancer; blasting chemical and biological weapon storage and oil facilities; poisoning the atmosphere to a degree perhaps never matched anywhere; burying soldiers alive, deliberately; the infrastructure destroyed, with a terrible effect on health; sanctions continued to this day multiplying the health problems; perhaps a million children dead by now from all of these things, even more adults.

Iraq was the strongest military power among the Arab states. This may have been their crime. Noam Chomsky has written: “It’s been a leading, driving doctrine of U.S. foreign policy since the 1940s that the vast and unparalleled energy resources of the Gulf region will be effectively dominated by the United States and its clients, and, crucially, that no independent, indigenous force will be permitted to have a substantial influence on the administration of oil production and price. “

Saddam was hanged, Army was destroyed then America created the space and welcome the terrorist organizations with the open heart. And now the whole Middle East has been destroyed by the blessing of World so-called Chaudhary ” United States”

After gaining so much experience from destroying hundreds of countries America decided to get toe to toe with USSR. However, the United States poured billions of dollars and injected Wahabism into waging a terrible war against this government, simply because it was supported by the Soviet Union. Prior to this, CIA operations had knowingly increased the probability of a Soviet intervention, which is what occurred. In the end, the United States won, and the women and the rest of Afghanistan lost. More than a million dead, three million disabled, five million refugees, in total about half the population. After creating all this mess, destabilizing the Afghanistan, handing over the whole Afghanistan in the hands of trained Mujahidins, as the America got her goals, defeated USSR, America ran away, had the glass of wine and left Afghanistan to burn. Due to lack of responsibility of Pakistan as well, Pakistan got in the fire of terrorism which we had got control over.

In 9/11/2001 America was hit by the terror attack at twin tower,  2,996 people died, in reply 31,000 Afghanis killed in Afghan War. 29,900  civilians have been wounded and Over 111,000 Afghans, including civilians, soldiers, and militants, are estimated to have been killed in the conflict. It’s not over, its still going on. What is America doing in Afghanistan? Is she acting against terrorist there or for something else? It will be discussed later in this series.

American economy always depends upon the new war America get into. America goes in different countries grab their acids and then she shifts it all back in the US. America is not the agricultural land, they don’t have all four kinds of weather, that don’t even have the fertile land for crops and etc. All they depend upon there weapon industries, tech industries and they have a little bit of shale gas. America doesn’t have much amount of petroleum resources left in her also. In the field of economy, China passed the US by a long margin. As in Petroleum, the moment when trade gonna shift in any other currency, the little bit power left in US will be over.

Before all that America will try to go war with any new and little bit powerful economical country. It might be Iran or North Korea.

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