In A Consistent War

In A Consistent War

As we are witnessing, the world is having many changes. Many superpowers have gone to dust and we saw the unipolar world. USSR was defeated by the American and her allies in Afghanistan, due to which America emerged as the only superpower of this world. With the help of Pakistan, USSR got completely trapped in Afghanistan and there was only Russia left on the map of the world.

This is a new world with new kind of warfare, now you not know where is your enemy and who is it. This is known as 4th or 5th generational war. In this kinda war you’ll never know who is actually acting all these operations against you. In this warfare, your opponent is hiding behind two our three layers of your so-called enemy. These are known as proxies. These proxy are attacking you within your own house. Who, do you think, are ISIS, ISIL, Al- Qaida, Al-Nusra, TTP, BLA, Jamat e Ahrar and much other terrorist organization. That does not mean I’m in support of all these terror organizations, but the fact is these were your own brothers sometimes, your enemy used there innocence against your own self. War of tanks and soldiers are over, now your roommate can turn into your enemy without even making you notice.

After 9/11/2001 Pakistan, Afghanistan and central middle eastern states suffered a lot. On to the name of terrorism Americans invaded in Afghanistan and still after 16 years they are just liking Uranium in Afghanistan and putting all the blame on there wrong policies on Pakistan. They destroyed the Afghanistan completely but the fact still remains they have only control over 50 percent of Afghanistan. This is the condition of the world superpower which isn’t able to mark her victory against terrorism, if they are not abling to clean it that’s mean they are drawing it. The whole state of Afghanistan is destroyed now, thousand of civilians are now killed brutally by both of the sides, whether its American or NATO army or by Taliban. The Question is who are they fighting in Afghanistan. The Mujahidins, the army which was built by USA and KSA, who defeated USSR. These were supposed to be your good guys and suddenly now they went bad.

These double standards should be stopped by now. Who are Jaysh al-Islam, Ahrar al-Sham? These are the militant groups which are fighting against Bashar Al-Assad in Syria. If you think America doesn’t support any of the terror organization then you are wrong. America does support every organization, if it’s also a terrorist, for her own objectives.  America trying to remove Bashar Al-Assad from many years. America didn’t inject her army on Syria Land for this, all she was done is to promotes these kinds of terror organizations.

When these Superpowers, so-called superpowers, want to destroy the country they don’t do anything else then to give important and best departments of government in the hands of illiterate and undesirable personalities.  Because when you put the wrong person and right place, right department, the whole system will collapse. When the USA and USSR were going toe to toe USSR caught the person, which they think was the agent of CIA, when USSR was defeated then they asked that person, how did you do all that, we didn’t get any single prove against you? Then he replied: “I put the wrong person and right place” by which the whole state of USSR gone to dust. By that same way, those superpowers destroyed each and every country which could stand in front of them. They destroyed Iraq, Syria, Libya and many others.

This is not only the game to destroying the countries its also for destroying all culture. Did you ever noticed, as I’m a Pakistani so gonna give the example from Pakistan, did you ever notice why you don’t wear Shalwar Kameez and wear Pant Shirt so easily? Why your son use to eat pizza and can’t drink Lassi? Why your son love speaking in English and he shies and feels shame for speaking Urdu? Why your girl doesn’t want to carry proper Hijab and feel complex in it and she feels free in jeans and shorts? If you are thinking now that Author is an extreme Islamist then I don’t care, as far as I believe Islam is the complete conduct of life. And the campaign going against Islam, making all the rules by self to hit Islam morally, it will be totally flop. My question is why all the women rights organizations speak against Hijab, and call it brutality, why don’t you raise your voice against girls started living in a church and now they are above 50 and they don’t have the right to get married. If Christian and jews cover there head they are known as religious but if Muslim women do it, then you guys portray her as extremist and radical. All this isn’t been done by itself, you need to bring out the real culprits out from shadows.

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