Machines VS Humans Part 1/2

Machines VS Humans Part 1/2

The world we are living in has so much to offer. On to the name of ease we made electronic devices, which help us in your daily life. Considering a life without those devices, of which we are addicted most, is miserable. In this age, as we see young or old, child or adult everyone is so addicted to these devices, now it seems like, that they can’t even breathe without them. After so much of evaluation in the field of mechanics we often see the discussion that machines are better or humans are. Everyone has the different opinion in this endless arguments but one this is for sure that “All this scientific development made us believe that this conflict will end badly”    

Today the world is dominated by machines, some intellectuals’ think that enslave humans as a source of energy. As the world becomes increasingly computerized, the debate take place that will our society be able to adopt to the revolution of machines? There are two major player in this world right now, who are in a conflict with each other. If we talk in context of machines then there are Biological machines and Artificial machine. 

Biological machines are human, what do humans have? Humans have Neurons, Brain for think, Ears for listen, Eyes for see, Legs for walk, and Hands for touching things. They go to school for learning, they have goals they enhance their living styles, thinking. On the other hand we have artificial machines, which we can take as robots or also machines in general term. What do machines have? Machines are equipped with transistors, they have computers, microphone to listen, Cameras to see.

Machines help humans a lot in almost every field of life. Let take mobile phone for example, it completely changed the behavior of communication. The communication, which used to take almost a month to complete now it can be done within few moments. Distance which used to take years to travel, can now be covered within few hours. Same thing is in almost every field of life, whether we look at industries, or we look at military, wherever you’ll go you will meet a machine.

Question really get in our mind that, is machine got way more efficient than humans? When we get to the comparison between humans and machines, we have different challengers.

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