Building yourself by lockdown in Kashmir

Kashmir has been the hub of undeniable personal, public, social, political, religious, emotional, educational and professional issues and problems that sow the seeds of thorny bushes as hurdles and barricades that ultimately pinch and scratch the career of the student’s. The growing essence of modernized lifestyle and the need of modern and civilized education puts its greater importance to maintain and balance the student’s career under these severe lockdown crisis. The continuous closure of the educational institutions has lead the system to a major change, or may be disaster as well. 

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US-Taliban Chit Chat

Everything was going nice and smooth, out of nowhere, The Chosen One, President Donald John Trump had a feeling of getting betrayed while eating a burger in the afternoon. US…

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Are you calling us Terrorist ?

Author: Abdullah Junaidu Recently, the desperate and murderous Nigerian Govt under the administration of western puppet bloodthirsty tyrant Buhari, declared Islamic Movement under the leadership of his eminence Sheikh Zakzaky…

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Palwama Drama

It all started on February of 14, when everyone was busy with their so called valentines (by the way i'm not a supporter of valentines day) and out of no…

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