Why do people switch their job?

Why do people switch their job?

So, from where should we start. There is not any doubt that private sector plays an important role in engaging the upcoming generation. Private sector also play its role in economical stability in the country by offering number of job(s). As you read title of my blog I’m not here to repeat some of points of its importance.

There might be some companies in this whole universe which really care for her employees. You might count them on your fingertips, but they rarely exist. Every company, you visit or heard about, yells and chant all around that they really care for their employees. You might have seen some of the owners of any private sector organization that their company they care and respect their employees. If that’s all true then why people change their company?

According to Jan Tegze, Author of Full Stack Recruiter, he interviewed almost 700 people and ask them same question “Why people left their job(s)?”. After interviewing 700 people, he asked himself is it enough to know the exact reason. This curiosity turned into a hobby, and he continued collecting data for the next 10 years. The pool of people grew from 679 to 8,509, answers came from people with various levels of seniority and different fields, cities, and locations.

Survey of why people change their job[s] by Jan Tegze | Zain R Hamid

In his article, Jan Tegze discussed seven major reason why people change their job, office, or company. Jan really did a great on it but there are some problem in numbering, specially in this part of world.

Role of environment in job(s)

One thing which really matters in company is its environment, how does management treat their employees. If they are really giving them their space and respect, else than just chanting on every social media platform, than that’s great.

Most of the time, whenever someone discuss their job with me, they are complaining about company’s environment. Whenever, company’s environment is tough, hard, or aggressive, employees will definitely face problem to deliver. Human’s nature is supposed to be independent, if you’ll block such fundamental rights by exerting pressure, than its all gone.

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Best way is to give employees their time to do their job. If you are going to stand 24/7 behind, they will not work, they’ll just get it out from their shoulders. One thing more, which happens a lot, whenever company hires news senior employee, he/she start pressurizing his/her junior staff to score some point in front of higher management. By the way this is totally ridiculous because those will totally ruin the company’s environment.

Company’s Management

Company’s management also plays a vital role in the environment. If management is really gets to employees and let them do there jobs with ease, it would never be the problem. But most of the time, in most of the places it does not happens. Most company’s management is so, I would say, pathetic. Management always things for its own pity little profits.

I’ve heard most of the companies fires their employees without any notice period. What do really think of your employees? a servant? like whenever you are done means done, this is totally unethical. At least, give them a time to search another job. Managements usually say while firing “their client has left so we can not afford any extra load”. What is this? That guy gave you profits number of time, and just due to your incompetency and lack of seriousness why are you putting it on your employee?

In the top management, no one – not even a single will accept is failure. He is always put it to his juniors and they get the worst of it. On the other side, when it come to “Good Work” who’s up front? Yes, “Senior Management”. If they are so worthy then why do you need juniors?

Last but not the least, please try to keep an communication medium between whole management staff. Sometime, someone promises something and most of time it’s not even your company’s policy.


Whenever it comes to promotions, increment, or incentive your boss will always try to miss you out. It happens everywhere. It reminds me an experience of my mate. He started a job on a very low pay, higher management gave him an lollipop of probational period, after which they promised to give him an increment. As per promise, he reminded his management for his increment and to end his probational period.

It was promised that pay scale and all other stuff will be renegotiated but, he tells me, HR came and gave him a “Good News”, “….. you’ve been given an increment of 5K…..”. He said, he was kinda shock, he was like “What Was That?”. When he said, its not enough he has expectation of at-least 10K, HR gave him a lollipop of next three years.

Now after those three years, his boss clearly said “NO” and when he asked “Why?” they starting telling their ram kahani of your company policies. How will you ever going to justify that? Isn’t it ridiculous? If you don’t know the policies why you give them hope? It breaks whole tempo….. But who really cares, you gonna fire him and bring a new one, and you gonna play these pity little games again.

I think, management really needs to grow up if they want to grow their company or brand. Baki, there are number of company and industries that really care about employees by every necessary means but I really don’t know where they exist.

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